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An intriguing array of fashion-related window displays have popped up in Otago Polytechnic's Hub this week.

The installations have been created by our New Zealand Certificate in Fashion (Level 4) learners as part of a Fashion Merchandising Project that has involved them investigating and analysing fashion merchandising techniques in store, and on online; as well as reflected on their own fashion purchasing.

The installations explore several themes, including how skateboarding has gone from a subculture to an accepted Olympic sport, to an exploration of trends of the 2000s, to genderless fashion, to the mayhem of a night out in the 1920s, to documenting a well-travelled and well-heeled aunt and uncle.

After presenting their reflections on purchasing behaviours, likes and dislikes in fashion merchandising, the learners came together as groups or individuals with shared interests.

They then created a story or theme that they needed to communicate through a fashion merchandising display, and visited the Vogel St Hospice Shop to search for fashion items, accessories and props that could be useful in designing their fashion merchandising windows.

“We hope visitors to the Hub enjoy these diverse fashion installations,” says Prof Margo Barton, Head of Fashion.

“Perhaps they’ll prompt a deeper consideration of fashion consumption and wearing behaviours, and what and how fashion is used to communicate ideas and identities.”


Published on 11 Aug 2021

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