Otago Polytechnic

Graphic elements

The spiral symbol

Based on the spiral symbol, the watermark is a secondary graphic element that can be used to add impact to our collateral. The watermark can be used both with and without the logo and should be cropped as shown into the bottom left half of the swirl. It should bleed (cut) off the right edge of a document. The watermark container is reproduced in 100% cyan (or white), set in Adobe Creative suite applications to a transparency of 70% for document covers where it sits over an image and the spiral cuts out of the cyan box to reveal the image.


Do not use this element on an image
Do not use this element together with Kohatihaka.


The pattern brings together landscape, seascape, Kai Tahu, Otago Polytechnic and the people from all of the places that come here to study. It symbolises unity and togetherness. As a multi-cultural organisation our partnerships with local iwi and the culture and heritage of Otago are important to us. This Māori pattern has been designed by a local artist for use on our website, corporate and marketing documents, banners and environmental graphics. The pattern can only be used to represent the Dunedin and Central Otago campuses. 

Repeating pattern The repeating pattern may be used full-colour (on a white background only) or white, reversed on OP Cyan, OP Grey or any career pathway colour. On a coloured background the fills have been removed, and the opacity of the white lines can be taken back to make it a more subtle watermark. There is also an OP Grey 50% (or lighter) option, on a white or OP Grey background.


Design with kohatihaka must be approved by the KTO office and Communications , please email communications@op.ac.nz for further questions.



The pattern can not be turned vertically
The pattern can not be used together with the OP swirl
The pattern can not be used on busy background
The pattern can not be covered with many text and images. It needs maintain the visibility.




The polygon patterns

The polygon logo reflected OP’s five academic departments of that time. The logo was designed in 1966 when Otago Polytechnic was established. To acknowledge our history, the logo is designed as patterns to add another layer of defination the OP Brand. These patterns are designed to celebrate our the 50th years anniversary and our excellence achievements.