Otago Polytechnic


The Otago Polytechnic brand is used in all our communications to promote all of our offerings to a wide market. Colour gives emotion and rhythm for people who study and work at Otago Polytechnic. For consistency and cohesion, we have one dominant colour for each of our audiences. The prominent colour for each entity is used to enhance their voice for publications, website and design. The text should never be used on its own, without the spiral. If using the text in isolation it should be in Helvetica Neue LT font. A strategic brand has been introduced to integrate with our market strategy.



It is important to promote and maintain the primary colors of blue, cyan and green as the official Otago Polytechnic brand mark.

Our logo is a universal signature across all our communications, comprised of three inseparable* elements: the text, spiral symbol and the housing device that contains them. The logo comes in two formats, horizontal and vertical. You should choose the best format to fit a particular application e.g. envelopes, posters, name badges etc. Both formats have been designed with the spiral and text contained within a rectangular housing device. This ensures the integrity and readability of the brand mark. The relationship between these elements must not be edited, under any circumstance. 


Using the right format in applications is important in maintaining the final result of the appllication e.g website, brochure. Generally, use RGB colour standard in JPG and PNG file format for digital format; use CMYK colour standard in TIFF, EPS, print PDF and AI for print format.


The Otago Polytechnic logo can only be used on media and by organisations with a genuine business relationship with us. It is a fraudulent offence to use Otago Polytechnic to promote something we have no association with. Please tell us how will you use Otago Polytechnic logo when you request one.




A secondary logo is used to focus on a specific market, while still maintaining a strong link to our main identity. The colours in the secondary logos are based on the OP BRAND ARCHITECTURE guideline to engage with each different customer group. Specialty or disciplines can be added under a secondary logo. It is best to keep the secondary logo clean and simple by using less information alongside it.




All schools, centres and services can have the option of using a descriptive logo. The descriptive logo incorporates the school/centre/service name with the corporate Otago Polytechnic logo. Description logos can be used on publications and other materials but not on the Otago Polytechnic website. School disciplines, contact details, address, and social media icons can be added under a descriptive logo.


A strategic logo is only to be used on tailored collateral to promote to a specific market. For an area to gain its own strategic brand a business case must be developed showing evidence of a different market and messaging needs. An application must be lodged with the Leadership Team for a budget for a logo to be designed, supporting marketing collateral, website updates and ongoing maintenance.




An Engagement Visual Identity is used to enhance customers' experiences and their engagement with an event, campaign and/or activities. This should focus on its engagement purpose (70% of the overall design). The remaining  30% should represent Otago Polytechnic's brand identity. All events, campaigns and activities must include the Otago Polytechnic logo in their collateral.