Otago Polytechnic
Brand architecture

Primary Architecture

The OP parent brand can be used for all communications, especially those that promote all of our offerings to a wide market. A strategic brand has been introduced to integrate with the market strategy.

Strategic Architecture

A strategic brand is only to be used on tailored collateral to promote to a specific market. There are only five approved strategic brands.*

*For an area to gain its own strategic brand a business case must be developed showing evidence of a different market and messaging needs. An application must be lodged with Leadership Team for a budget for a logo, marketing collateral, website or subsite development (if necessary) and ongoing maintenance.

Engagement Architecture

An Engagement Visual Identity is to enhance customer experiences and engagements for a event, campaign and activities. 

Customers and Stakeholders

Identify your customers and stakeholdres is the key to succeed in a project and how to position your brand in the market. This section we demostrate the customers and stagkeholdres for each categories of OP brand, some customers and stakeholders cross more and one catergory due to its marketing stratergy direction.