Otago Polytechnic


An important part of building a strong and distinctive brand identity is the consistent and correct use of the typefaces.

All external communications use the Helvetica Neue typefaces in one of four weights; either light, medium, bold or heavy. It is a clean, legible and modern typeface Helvetica Neue are not standard system fonts within the MS Office suite of software. Where it is not available use Arial, in regular or bold only.


values Generally, all our communications use a tracking value (space between letters in a word) tighter than common default settings. In Adobe Creative Suite applications this usually equals a value of -2 for body copy (this size), and up to -40 for large headline type.

Line spacing

Line spacing (leading) is generally tight also. Do not space out lines excessively as it makes text harder to read. Body copy such as this should be set at a proportion similar to 10pt (font size) on 12pt (leading value). Line spacing in large headings is usually tighter (e.g. 42pt font size on 36pt leading value).


Good kerning (space between letters) is important in keeping a sense of quality and attention to detail in our brand identity. All headlines (minimum) need to be manually kerned. Default kerning values in certain letter and number combinations are too large or tight (e.g. 10, ft, Ke). Look at each character individually to make sure the spaces are as even as possible.


Primary Front

System Front


Exception: Type for enhancing student experiences