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Steve Henry
Manager, Centre for Sustainable Practice
Steves approach focuses on enabling people and organisations to reconcile their true purpose with delivery in a sustainable future, and creating practical pathways from here to there. Steve has developed a number of practical and applied training approaches for sustainable practice, and over the past 10 years has enjoyed working with hundreds of people in many organisations to deliver and refine the method. 



Alexa Forbes
Sustainable Practice Advisor / Lecturer
Alexa Forbes works for the Centre for Sustainable Practice as a Sustainability Advisor and also serves as a Councillor on the Queenstown Lakes District Council. Previously she had a successful career in journalism, broadcasting and public relations. She completed her Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Practice in 2012.



 Jen Rodgers
Sustainable Practice Advisor
Wandering around campus, Jen Rodgers was struck by the juxtaposition of the Otago Polytechnic sustainable garden lying alongside a couple of the messiest Scarfie streets in Dunedin, filled with debris and litter. This ignited in her a desire to see if it could be possible to change Scarfie culture, and help students “match up their personal lives with what they’re learning "sustainability" in the classroom”.