Otago Polytechnic

Living Campus

The Living Campus has turned Otago Polytechnic’s existing Dunedin campus into an open-air interactive museum experience, vibrant community garden and sustainable model of urban agriculture.

It’s the first of its kind in Australasia! Through Living Campus, we hope to raise awareness and change attitudes towards how we use land by creating a visionary hub and offering educational tours and workshops to inform people about how this can be done.

Living Campus includes the whole campus green space and shows elements of sustainable operations that guide us to care for our earth, care for people and share by modelling:

  • Food growing
  • Biodiversity
  • Sustainable building materials
  • Energy efficiency
  • Waste and water recycling
  • Plant material for cultural, artistic and therapeutic purposes
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    Take the Living Campus tour!

    Take a tour through the campus and discover OP's use of permaculture principles.
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    Your pick

    Visit the edible gardens around campus and pick fresh greens to subsidise that grocery bill.
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    Adopt a garden

    Grow your own vegetables on a campus allotment – lunchtimes, Mondays and Thursdays.
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    Pizza oven and hangi pit

    Throw a pizza party or host a hangi outside Manaaki! Contact Hospitality on 479 6172 to hire.
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    Permaculture short course

    Enrol in our Permaculture Design course and create a plan for your own garden.
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    Hort Talks

    Join us at the Dunedin Botanic Garden Information Centre for free lectures on the first Friday of every month.
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    Permaculture 101

    Watch this video to discover more about Permaculture principles.
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    We're on the map!

    Check out WellSouth’s Health Promotion and Project’s map of free to low cost healthy food and resources.
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    Seasonal produce recipes

    Get some seasonal cooking inspiration for a variety of produce.

For more information about Living Campus please contact:

Sustainability Practice Advisor

Jen Rodgers



Living Campus staff

Kim Thomas


Lisa Burton



Hospitality – Technique training restaurant

Tony Heptinstall