Otago Polytechnic



Antarctica stories brought to life by workSpace

Interactive exhibits describing the work of the Antarctic team, the challenges they face and the impact they are having on that environment, were developed by workSpace for NZ Icefest.

The Christchurch exhibition sought to arm visitors with evidence to inspire them to reduce their carbon footprints,with a tone that was realistic yet not overly gloomy. workSpace created a series of interactive, hi-tech exhibits that had a strong user-experience focus. Displays included an iPad game unlocking the story of an ancient and impressive piece of sediment core; “Futurebook” plinths housing iPads with a Facebook-like interfaceshowing fictional accounts of the world at different carbon levels; an LED wall graph showing the fluctuations of carbon dioxide over millions of years; and a pledge photo-booth encouraging users to make a specific pledge to reduce their carbon footprint.

"There was a real benefit in being able to work closely with a highly skilled, multidisciplinary team that could deliver the specialised solutions we required,” says NZ Icefest exhibition coordinator, Bec McMaster.