Otago Polytechnic

monitor energy


Energy monitoring at OP

With OP’s goal to provide a more effective learning and teaching environment for our staff and students, we now closely monitor our energy usage on campus.

Otago Polytechnic has a large campus – but with only one energy meter for five buildings, there was no provision to undertake detailed monitoring. Consequently, energy use was much higher than it should have been, especially during weekends and holiday breaks.

We designed and manufactured new energy meters that measure power use from specific sources, such as hot water, lifts, ventilation, plugs, lights, equipment and services.Fitted with the latest microcontrollers, the meters can talk to WiFi and feed into the building management system. More than 100 of these meters were installed throughout Otago Polytechnic’s Dunedin campus – one at the base of each building, and up to three on each floor.

OP can now potentially save $400,000 per year on its electricity bill. The meters’ settings compensate for varied seasonal temperatures, ensuring a more comfortable learning and teaching environment for staff and students. The educational impact is also considerable, as screens around campus display the real-time energy usage of each building.