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Sustainability plays a major role at Otago Polytechnic, influencing both our day-to-day operation and our future decision-making.

Sustainability means that we consider the social impact of each decision we make. It’s all about balancing our goals with practices that protect and support our society and environment. We’ve made a pledge, both to our community and our students, to do the right thing – working towards a sustainable future for ourselves, and future generations.

Our vision for sustainability has four key objectives:

Education for sustainability

Otago Polytechnic integrates sustainable practice into all its educational programmes – as well as providing a range of qualifications in sustainable practice. Students in many of the Polytechnic’s Schools are also involved in research projects with a sustainability focus, enabling them to develop new responses to environmental and social challenges.

Our goal is that every graduate may practice sustainably and make a difference to the world. Our teaching and learning opportunities will ensure every student will graduate with the skills and knowledge to act as a sustainable practitioner. 

Sustainable operations

Otago Polytechnic is working towards using our campus as a ‘sustainability model’ for others to follow. Our goal is to minimise our environmental footprint, and to share our journey with others. We have a range of on-campus initiatives, from the Living Campus project and Polybikes to the Waste Exchange initiative and sustainable purchasing.

Helping communities and businesses

The Centre for Sustainable Practice at Otago Polytechnic meets the growing need for a new approach towards business, farming and industry practices. The Centre is building a nationwide hub for business, industry groups and government agencies which will allow us to share our knowledge and collaborate with others so that they develop their capability to practice sustainably. We hope that our leadership will encourage others to embrace sustainable practices. 

Ensuring our actions benefit our communities

Otago Polytechnic is involved in a number of initiatives, including community projects and volunteer work, to ensure we set a good example – both to our students, and those who work with us on sustainability projects. We are committed to being a socially-responsible organisation and want our communities to benefit from our actions. 

What can you do to be part of our sustainability vision? 

Otago Polytechnic encourages our students and staff to get involved in sustainability. For more information, please contact:

Jen Rodgers 
Sustainable Practice Advisor

Want to know more? Read about our sustainability progress: 

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Otago Polytechnic are proud sponsors of Sustainable Lens - a radio show that takes a sustainable perspective on current topics around the world. View the Sustainable Lens website.