Otago Polytechnic
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Otago Polytechnic Student Association
Be a part of a community run by students, for students

As a student, it is vital you have an independent organisation to represent and promote your views and interests, safeguard your welfare and ensure that you have a great experience.'pan>

Life at Otago Polytechnic is about more than just study and classes— you will have multiple opportunities to take part in a vibrant community-based culture of events and fun.

The Students’ Association manages a range of services including:

  • ID and discount cards
  • Free phones and microwaves
  • Financial and personal advice
  • Cheap phone cards and DCC rubbish bags
  • Photocopying, binding and laminating
  • Student Job Search
  • Gym and recreation facilities
  • Clubs and social sports.

Visit the OPSA website for more information.