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Congratulations on completing your qualification and preparing for your graduation! It's an honour to hold these special ceremonies for our graduands. Here you'll find everything you need to know, including our karakia and a mihi maiōhā.

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Pre-grad events

Event Date Time Location
Pasifika Pre-Graduation Wednesday 13 March 5.00pm-7.00pm The Hub, Dunedin Campus
Māori Pre-Graduation Thursday 14 March 3.30pm-6.00pm The Hub, Dunedin Campus
Occupational Therapy Pre-Graduation Friday 15 March 8.30am The Hub, Dunedin Campus (G Block end)
Information Technology Pre-Graduation Friday 15 March 8.45am-10.15am He Toki Kai te Rika atrium
Engineering and Construction Management Pre-Graduation Friday 15 March 8.45am-10.15am He Toki Kai te Rika atrium
Food Design Institute Pre-Graduation  Friday 15 March 9.00am Manaaki
Art, Design and Architecture Pre-Graduation Friday 15 March 9.00am Hīnaki Café
Business Pre-Graduation Friday 15 March 9.30am D103
Sport Pre-Graduation Friday 15 March 9.45am-10.30am Sargood Centre, Dunedin Campus

Karakia and Mihi Maiōhā

Since March 2007, as an acknowledgement of this important relationship, Otago Polytechnic Graduation Ceremonies commence with karakia and a mihi maiōhā.

The purpose of the mihi maiōhā is to greet, in Māori, all visitors and all graduands to this place, while also acknowledging Kai Tahu’s place in the Otago Polytechnic Graduation Ceremony. A mihi maiōhā is not surrounded by the formality of powhiri and differs from mihi whakatau in that this ceremonial begins and ends with the woman’s or women’s voice through karaka (or karanga in Northern dialect).

The mihi maiōhīa will contain an element of the recitation of the landscape and our tūpuna (ancestral names within it). It will briefly welcome all those attending the graduation to the place of those ancestors and will acknowledge that it is an honour for Kai Tahu to have been invited to participate in the graduation ceremony.

Following the maiōhā there will be a waiata kī naki (song of support for the maiōhā), E tu Kahikatea sung by staff and it will end with the karaka once more to signal its closure.

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