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It's graduation day! On this page you'll find your itinerary for your ceremony, once it is available.

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2022 Graduation Ceremony Schedules

2022 Graduation ceremony schedules are not yet available. Please check back closer to your graduation day.

Example of a typical graduation day

Once the graduation day schedules are finalised, we will add an itinerary so you know exactly where you need to be and when. To give you example of a typical graduation day, we have included an example from a previous graduation below.

10:30am Thanksgiving service at Knox Church
10:40am Graduands assemble outside the Otago University Dental School (Great King Street) for the OPSA Graduation Parade
11:00am OPSA Graduation Parade departs for the Dunedin Town Hall, Glenroy Auditorium
11:30am Graduands registration in the Dunedin Town Hall,
12:00pm Guests to be seated in the Dunedin Town Hall
12:30pm Graduation ceremony commences
2:30pm Graduation ceremony concludes

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