Call for Papers for Scope journal issues 2024

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Scope: Contemporary Research Topics is series of peer-reviewed open access journals published annually in November by Otago Polytechnic Press, Te Pūkenga. For previous issues and author guidelines and malpractice statement please see www.thescopes.orgFor more information on the details of the call, formats accepted etc please contact the Editor for the journal.  

SUBMISSIONS CLOSE 30 APRIL 2024 except for the special issue Our Built Environment, which closes 1 December 2023.

Art and Design Issues 26 & 27

The journal Scope (Art & Design) aims to engage discussion on contemporary research in the visual arts and design. It is concerned with views and critical debates surrounding issues of practice, theory, history and their relationships as manifested through the visual and related arts and activities, such as sound, performance, curation, tactile and immersive environments, digital scapes and methodological considerations. With New Zealand and its Pacific neighbours as a backdrop, but not its only stage, Scope (Art & Design) seeks to address the matters which concern contemporary artists and arts enquirers in their environments of practice. ISSN (print): 1177-5653; ISSN (online): 1177-5661. 

Art & Design 26 Theme: Open. Submissions to 
Art & Design 27 Special Issue Theme: Our Built Environment: Architecture, as a (physical or theoretical) construct, responds to social, cultural, political and environmental conditions that define a particular time and place. This special issue of Scope (Art and Design): Our Built Environment, seeks contributions centred around an enquiry into the current state of flux in which we find ourselves, and the ways in which this is manifesting through contemporary, multi-disciplinary practices that engage with land, built form, climate, technology and theory. Special Issue submissions to and

Health & Wellbeing Issue 9 

The journal Scope (Health & Wellbeing) aims to engage in multidisciplinary discussion on contemporary research in the landscape of health. It is concerned with views and critical debates surrounding issues of practice, theory, education, history and their relationships as manifested through the written and visual activities, such as original research, commentary, and critical debates concerning contemporary researchers, industry, society and educators in their environments of national and international practice. Scope’s focus is on building a sense of community amongst researchers in New Zealand and the international community.  ISSN (print): 2537-8872; ISSN (online): 2537-8880 . 

Health and Wellbeing 9 Theme:  Health Inequities - local/global responses to social, environmental, behavioural, economic and climate concerns. Submissions to 

Learning and Teaching Issues 13 & 14 

The journal Scope (Learning and Teaching) is concerned with views, critical debate and reflections on learning and teaching theory and practice. It seeks to address current topical matters in the field of tertiary and vocational education. Its focus is on building a sense of community amongst researchers from an array of New Zealand institutions with the goal of linking with a wider international community. ISSN: 1179-951X (hardcopy), ISSN: 1178- 9528 (online).

Learning and Teaching 13 Theme: Open. We are interested in a broad range of topics that deal to the opportunities, challenges, concepts and critical thinking that inform contemporary learning and teaching practice in higher education within New Zealand. In particular, contributions that explore experiences, practices and learnings around Neurodiversity and Neurodivergence are welcomed. Submissions to Please include ‘Scope (Learning and Teaching)’ in the subject line.

Learning and Teaching 14 Special Issue Theme: Teaching Excellence is concerned with research, critical debate, and reflections on theories and practice of teaching excellence. It seeks to address current thoughts around teaching excellence in the field of tertiary and vocational education, and to contribute to the ongoing conversations around this topic.  Special Issue submissions to

Work-based Learning Issue 6 

The journal Scope (Work-based Learning) focuses on contemporary research in assessment of prior learning, learning in, for, and about work, and professional practice. It is concerned with critical debate about practice, theory, and history, and their relationships as manifested in the experiences of learners, practitioners, and researchers in work-based learning and professional practice.  ISSN 2703-6227 (print) ISSN 2703-6235 (online)   

Work-based Learning 6 Theme: Research in Workplaces in an Age of Disruption. Amidst the rapid changes reshaping our world, we invite you to contribute your valuable insights to explore the dynamic transformations occurring within workplaces. The 2024 issue seeks to understand how social disruption, technological advancements and shifting workforce dynamics are impacting people, their place of work and their resilience. Submissions to .