Otago Polytechnic

Securing your placement in a veterinary clinic

You have now spoken with your learning advisor who will have emailed you with confirmation of allocated clinics who you may now approach regarding clinical placement.

These clinics have been carefully selected following a discussion between the learning advisor and both the veterinary clinic and the student in an attempt to set up a good working relationship that will benefit both parties.


1. Veterinary Clinic Work Placement Documents

Print off and read each of the following Veterinary Clinic Work Placement documents.

Take these to all prospective Veterinary Clinics you visit with a copy of your Criminal Convictions History Report and Basic Health and Safety Course COP.

International placements are acceptable on approval with your learning advisor.

Click here for the Letter of Introduction (to introduce you to the Veterinary Clinic as a perspective Otago Polytechnic student seeking a work placement)

Click here for the Key Information (this provides the Veterinary Clinic with more information about the programme and work placement)

Click here for the Animal Related Facility or Companion Animal Veterinary Clinic Observation/Work Placement Confirmation Form (use this form to collect the details of your Work Placement)

Click here for the Practical Skills List (this provides the Veterinary Clinic with a list of skills you will need to undertake during work placement)

Click here for the Emergency Contact Details Form (fill this in and give to the Veterinary Clinic when you have sourced a work placement)

Click here to enter the details of your Occupational Health and Safety for Students in the Workplace.


2. For Your information:

Click here to review Tips on finding your Work Placement

Click here to review What to expect on your first day at your work placement


3.  Record your Placement information:

Your clinic may inform you if you have been successful in gaining a placement, alternatively they might choose to wait until all of their potential students have visited and then contact your learning advisor to let us know who they have selected.

We will contact you via email to inform you of whether you have been successful in gaining placement with each clinic. If you don’t gain placement at the first clinic you visit, please don’t be disheartened! It often comes down to team fit and although you might not always be successful, we are here to help you find the best placement possible to get the most from your time in clinic.

When you are successful in gaining your clinic placement please complete the following.

This must be completed on a computer as the format is not compatible with your cell phone. 

Click here to enter the details of your Work Placement.