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To upload a file to your application, simply click ‘UPLOAD’ on a supporting material type in the SUPPORTING MATERIAL section (section 4). You can also drag and drop multiple files into the blue box. You should see a blue progressive bar expand during upload, provided you have a modern browser.

Having trouble uploading your supporting documents? Here are some things to try if:

  • No options come up in the Supporting Material section for the programme I have selected. Make sure you have filled out your personal information at the top of the form and selected a programme. This is needed before the supporting documents section will work.
  • Nothing happens when I try and upload. Check you have permissions to access the file. Navigate to the file, right click and click Properties (Windows) or get info (mac). Under security, you’ll be able to change the permission with an administrator password. Sometimes it may be easier to redownload the file.
  • It displays ‘Hash not found’ in red. You’ll need to save and return to your application using the “save my application” button.
  • It displays ‘Application not found’ in red. You’ll need to restart your application.
  • It displays ‘Upload limit exceeded’ in red.** The file is too large. If it’s an image, you can use online tools to compress it to smaller file size. If it’s a text file, you can convert it to a .txt file or .doc file with no formatting to compress the file size.
  • It displays ‘File type not allowed’ in red. You can’t upload that file type. Try to stick to .jpeg, .doc, .txt or .pdf files.
  • It displays ‘failure to upload’ in red. Try again in 5 minutes.

Still having problems? Don’t worry. Just fill out the rest of the form, click ‘submit my application now’, and email any supporting documents Just make sure you include your name, address and date of birth in your email. We’ll let you know if there is anything else we need to process your application.