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To secure your place on the programme please sign and return your Conditional Offer to ebsVET@op.ac.nz

This page holds all of the information that you need and next steps that you need to take to complete your enrolment. We have also provided you with some additional information which we would suggest you take the time to familiarise yourself with before the start of the programme. 


To complete your enrolment, you need to do the following:

1Basic Health and Safety Course 

Veterinary Clinics have specifically requested that any applicants from Otago Polytechnic seeking three days observation in a Veterinary Clinic as part of this programme must have some basic awareness of the health and safety requirements and potential hazards they may be exposed to. This course was specifically developed to provide you with this awareness. You must take the Confirmation of Participation (COP) to all prospective Veterinary Clinics you visit, so they are aware you have been given some basic information about the work environment, as well as potential hazards. 

This free course will take approximately 20 minutes. Once you have completed it you can print off the Confirmation of Participation (COP) to take to all Veterinary Clinics you approach.

To access and complete the course, you need to:

1. Create a Moodle account and sign in. Click here for instructions on how to do this.

2. Access and complete the course Health and Safety Pre-Observation for Guests in a Veterinary Clinic.

3. Print your Confirmation of Participation (COP).


2. Three Day Observation Documents 

How to find a Three Day Observation

Click here to access and review this document before looking for a Veterinary Clinic to complete your three day observation in. 

Three Day Observation Confirmation Form

Click here to access and print the Veterinary Clinic Three Day Observation Confirmation Form. Take this to all prospective Veterinary Clinics you visit with a copy of your Criminal Convictions History Report and Basic Health and Safety Course COP. This form must be signed by the Veterinary Clinic and returned to ebsVET@op.ac.nz to be fully enrolled.


3. Veterinary Clinic Work Placement Documents

Print off and read each of the following Veterinary Clinic Work Placement documents.

Take these to all prospective Veterinary Clinics you visit with a copy of your Criminal Convictions History Report and Basic Health and Safety Course COP.

If you are wanting to undertake placement in the Dunedin and greater Otago area, please contact us on 0800-762-786 before contacting the veterinary clinics.

Click here for the Letter of Introduction (to introduce you to the Veterinary Clinic as a perspective Otago Polytechnic student seeking a work placement)

Click here for the Key Information (this provides the Veterinary Clinic with more information about the programme and work placement)

Click here for the Animal Related Facility or Companion Animal Veterinary Clinic Observation/Work Placement Confirmation Form (use this form to collect the details of your Work Placement, please see point 5 below to record)

Click here for the Practical Skills List (this provides the Veterinary Clinic with a list of skills you will need to undertake during work placement)

Click here for the Emergency Contact Details Form (fill this in and give to the Veterinary Clinic when you have sourced a work placement)

Click here to enter the details of your Occupational Health and Safety for Students in the Workplace.


4. For Your information:

Click here to review Tips on finding your Work Placement

Click here to review What to expect on your first day at your work placement


5.  Record your Placement information:

This must be completed on a computer as the format is not compatible with your cell phone. 

Click here to enter the details of your Work Placement.


6.  Enrolment Supporting Information:

Click here to access and fill in the media consent form to be emailed to vetnursing@op.ac.nz .

These must be completed on a computer as the format is not compatible with your cell phone.

Click here to access and fill in the Student Privacy Declaration form.

Click here to access and fill in the Student Code of Conduct form

Click here to access Tetanus vaccination status


Further information

Below is some further information that we would recommend you taking the time to read and familiarise yourself with before the start of the programme. 


1. Learning Advisors

A Learning Advisor is your primary academic support person through your study. You will be assigned a learning advisor and they will contact you and provide you with all their details prior to the start of your programme. 

In the meantime if you have any questions or wish to talk about anything relating to the programme do not hesitate to contact us on (free phone) 0800 762 786 or email vetnursing@op.ac.nz and your enquiry will be directed to a learning advisor.


2. Block Course Dates

Click on your programme to see where and when your block courses are:

NZCAT VNA - Full-Time Distance - Semester 1 (continuing from Semester 2 in 2017)

NZCAT VNA - Full-time Distance February intake

NZCAT VNA - Part-time Distance - Year 1 February Intake

NZCAT VNA - Part-time Distance - Year 2 February Intake

NZCAT VNA - Semester 2 - Starting 23rd July - block courses will be Dunedin-based only.


3. Copy of Work Placement Contract and Otago Polytechnic Code of Privacy/Confidentiality

Click here


4. Compulsory Clothing and Equipment

Clothing and Equipment must be worn or taken to all animal-related facility work placements, including Veterinary Clinics.

We have a new supplier, Challenge Marketing, the link to their website will be available here soon so you can order and pay for your name badge and polo top, scrub shirt.  In the mean time here are the links to the uniforms and order form.  For a stethoscope or nurses watch consider ordering these from Trade Me or for more advice contact your learning advisor.



Click here to order your textbooks.

Compulsory textbook is: BSAVA Textbook of Veterinary Nursing 5th Ed  (Author: Cooper, B. et al, ISBN: 9781905319268)

Recommended textbook is: Dictionary of Veterinary Nursing 4th Ed  (Author: Lane, D.R. et al, ISBN: 9780702066351)


Buy  Sell and Exchange

We have set up a facebook page to buy and sell polo tops, text books, overalls, scrubs and alike from your time with Otago Polytechninc School of Veterinay Nursing to the next generation.


5. Induction Sessions

The aim of these two sessions to be run on the first week of the programme is to help you get started, navigate your way around Moodle, and meet the staff and fellow students enrolled in your programme this year. It’s also a chance for you to ask any questions you might have. Please try to make sure you have a headset (or at least a set of headphones, mobile phone ones will do) to be able to get the most out of this session. The induction session is compulsory, so if you have commitments and cannot attend please let me know. I can then make sure you can access a recording of the session. A link to the session will be provided in your welcome email on the programme start.

Once you are fully enrolled you will be given days and times as well as an email reminder the week before course starts.


6. Check List 

Click on this link so you can tick off and keep a track of what you need to do to complete your enrolment