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To secure your place on the programme please sign and return your Place Offer to ebsVET@op.ac.nz

This page holds all of the information that you need and next steps that you need to take prior to the start of the programme. We have also provided you with some additional information which we would suggest you take the time to familarise yourself with before the start of the programme.


Prior to the start of the programme, you need to do the following:

Supporting Information

The following Supporting Information is required to be completed before the start of the programme. It must be completed on a computer as the format is not compatible with your cell phone. 

Click here to access and fill in the supporting information details required for your programme.


Compulsory Clothing

Branded clothing must be worn to all animal facility work placements.

Click here to order and pay for your name badge and polo top.



Click here to order your compulsory textbook.

Compulsory textbook is: Animal Biology and Care (Author: Dallas, Sue ISBN: 9781118276068)


Further information

Below is some further information that we would recommend you taking the time to read and familiarise yourself with before the start of the programme. 

1. 2017 Important dates 

Click here

2. Learning Advisors

Your Learning Advisors can be contacted on (free phone) 0800 762 786 or by email (see below). 

Deborah Murphy - Deborah.Murphy@op.ac.nz

Barbara Dunn - Barbara.Dunn@op.ac.nz

3. Work Placement Information

Click here

4. Study Guide

Click here

5. 2017 Terms and Conditions of Enrolment at Otago Polytechnic

Click here

6. Copy of Otago Polytechnic Code of Privacy/Confidentiality

Click here

7. Student Hub (access to Moodle, Student Email, My Details)

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8. Student Support Services (Student Success Team, Learning Advice, Career Services, Maori/Kaitautoko, Pasifika, Disability, Counselling, Chaplain, International, Justice of the Peace, IT Support)

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