Studying is possible

Studying while working is more possible than you think. We offer a range of options where you complete some learning with us while using your existing workplace to practise your new skills. Invest in yourself and get ahead of the crowd.

Learning in-work

For many people, the thought of studying while working can seem overwhelming and expensive. Which is why learning IN work makes so much sense. You get the best of both worlds and can earn as you learn.

Our programmes can be studied part-time and many are delivered online with block courses or in-work activities to practise more practical skills.

Extending your professional practice

We also offer a range of professional development opportunities across multiple industry areas if you’re looking to extend your professional practice. These programmes are often delivered fully online so you can pace yourself and fit study around your schedule and whānau.

Support and funding

We have extensive support networks (including specific support for online/distance learners) and many of our lecturers come from industry so fully understand the environment you’re operating in.

Plus, if you’ve never done any tertiary study (i.e. beyond secondary school level), you could be eligible for some funding through the Government’s Fees Free scheme. 

Sound more possible than you thought?

Explore your options below!

Learn in-work

Adult education

Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education (Level 7)

2 years part-time / Starts January or July / Flexible delivery (on campus or online)

Teaching adult education and want to become a qualified tertiary teacher? This is a stimulating, flexibly-delivered programme that is tailored directly to your teaching context. You will be able to study in a way that suits your work schedule and other responsibilities as we offer online, distance learning and on-campus activities. You can learn at any location, at any time and in a way that appeals to you. 

Learning while you work as an educator of adults will have a direct impact on your day-to-day activities. You will be encouraged to explore trends in tertiary education and use evidence from research and the wider teaching profession to develop a future-focused and effective teaching practice. As a graduate, you will be able to design and facilitate inclusive learning in your tertiary cultural context. 

Animal Care

New Zealand Certificate in Animal Care (Level 3)

20 weeks full-time / Starts February or July / Online with a work placement

Your first step towards an animal-related profession such as kennel and cattery management, pet grooming, wildlife management or education. Learn about companion animals (cats, dogs, rabbits and birds), their health, welfare and husbandry, anatomy, physiology, and low stress handling techniques.

Avian Wildlife Healthcare

Certificate in Avian Wildlife Healthcare (Veterinary Nurses) (Level 6)

1 year part-time / Starts July / Online with practical placement (five days during Nov-Feb)

Ideal if you are a qualified Veterinary Nurse who is increasingly being presented with injured or sick avian wildlife during your daily practice. Offered in collaboration with the Dunedin Wildlife Hospital, this programme is the only one of its kind in New Zealand and offers a unique and specialised professional development opportunity. You will gain a sound knowledge of avian wildlife healthcare, with a focus on patient support and management.


Certificate in Avian Wildlife Health (Veterinarian) (Level 7)

1 year part-time / Starts July / Online with practical placements (five days during Nov-Feb; surgical practicum in Dunedin too)

If you are a qualified Veterinarian who is being presented with sick or injured avian wildlife, this programme will give you the skills to administer medicine and/or surgery. You will graduate with the ability to provide optimal standards of welfare and outcomes for avian wildlife patients, plan and manage anaesthesia, manage medical diseases, and perform diagnostics and surgical procedures on avian wildlife patients.

Cooking and culinary

New Zealand Diploma in Cookery (Advanced) (Level 5) (Cookery)

1 year full-time / 2 years part-time / Flexible start / Work-based learning

Designed for those already working in a culinary environment, you'll design your own advanced dishes and menus; learn how to manage workflow, staffing, and supplies in a commercial kitchen; develop a deep understanding of sustainable practice; and ensure you're current with regional, national and global cuisine trends. Involving a series of bespoke masterclasses, we'll ensure learning is tailored to your needs. You'll also take part in five, three-day workshops and five, in-work check-in days. Working while learning will enable you to reflect on and analyse your current practice and implement changes to how you work.

Engineering Technology – Asset Management

Bachelor of Engineering Technology – Asset Management Apprenticeship Pathway

2-5 years depending on your pathway through the programme / Flexible start / On campus (Dunedin) and in work

A first in New Zealand, this apprenticeship degree has been developed in partnership with industry to combat the looming skills shortage in the area of Infrastructure Asset Management. Through this apprenticeship pathway, you'll gain experience in industry projects within your chosen specialty - Civil, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering. You will develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills through a combination of theory and hands-on practice. This degree is ideal for anyone who is interested in embarking on/continuing a career in the asset management of critical infrastructure. Learners can already be employed in the industry or can be those who want a career change. To complete this programme, you must either be in employment in a relevant industry or be taken on as an apprentice in such a role.

Introduction to Asset Management and Asset Management Planning courses

Online evening session every Thursday, 5.30pm-7.30pm / Runs from late July - Feb / Fully online with work-based learning

We offer two, fully online Asset Management courses from our Bachelor of Engineering for those who don’t have time to complete a full degree and we recommend that these are studied together (although that's not compulsory). Developed and taught by subject matter experts currently engaged in the industry, these courses will give you the skills and knowledge you need to become a valued member of an asset management team. Course content is work-based and assessments are focused on producing two significant pieces of work over a six-month period (an asset register and an asset management plan). These pieces of work will benefit you and your employer so they’re a great investment!

Whilst the courses start in late July, if you're only able to join in mid-August, we'll be able to make this work for you.

Horticulture (Nursery, Amenity or Fruit Production)

Level 3 Nursery Production

20 weeks part-time / Flexible start / Work-based and online with block courses at our Cromwell Campus

If you’re already employed in the nursery production industry, this programme is for you. With a 50/50 mix of theory and practical, you’ll learn online whilst using your workplace as a setting to practise your developing skills. Courses include Nursery Plant Care, Plant ID and Selection, Propagation, Plant Science, and Communication.


Level 4 Amenity Horticulture

2-3 years part-time / Flexible start / Work-based and online with block courses at our Dunedin Campus

Ideal for those who are working in the amenity sector, have existing experience and want to gain a relevant qualification and increase their supervisory skills. This programme sits within a progressive training pathway that is industry-recognised.


Level 4 Fruit Production

1-2 years part-time / Flexible start / Work-based and online with block courses at our Cromwell Campus

This programme is for those already working in the fruit production or viticulture industry. It will help you make the next step up within your workplace. A 50/50 mix of theory and practical, you’ll learn online whilst using your workplace as a setting to practice your developing skills. Courses include Soils and Water, Plant Science, Seasonal Tasks, Communication, and Pests, Weeds and Agrichemicals.


Level 5 Fruit Production or Wine Growing

2-3 years part-time / February, July or September / Work-based and online learning

Progress your career in the national and international horticulture communities by gaining the knowledge and skills to become a competent leader in the stone fruit, pip fruit, berry or wine grape production industries. Your learning will be centred around sustainable growing principles, and you will gain plenty of invaluable work experience and industry contacts. 

Vet Nursing

New Zealand Certificate in Animal Healthcare Assisting (Level 4)* 

1 year full-time / 2 years part-time / Starts February/ Online with some face-to-face teaching and 240 hours of work placement 

The role of an Animal Healthcare Assistant is to support Veterinary Nurses, Veterinarians and Rural Animal Veterinary Technicians in veterinary practices. This programme will allow you to graduate with the technical knowledge and skills you need to perform this job under broad supervision. 


New Zealand Diploma in Veterinary Nursing (Level 6)*

2 years full-time / 4 years part-time / Starts February / On campus or online with some face-to-face teaching and 750 hours of work placement 

Graduate with the technical knowledge and skills you need to perform this role and to apply for registration on the New Zealand Register of Veterinary Nurses. 


New Zealand Diploma in Rural Animal Veterinary Technology (Level 6)*

2 years full-time / 4 years part-time / Starts February / Online with some face-to-face teaching and 750 hours of work placement 

This programme focuses on farmed commercial species and you'll graduate with the knowledge and skills you need to perform the role of a Rural Animal Veterinary Technician. You'll also be able to apply for registration on the New Zealand Register of Allied Veterinary Professionals.


*These programmes are currently being finalised and are in the final stages of approval. They are NZQA-recognised and will be offered from 2023. 

Wine and Cellar Operations

New Zealand Certificate in Cellar Operations (Level 3)

17 weeks full-time / Starts February or October / Blended learning

Study includes online learning, on-campus tutorials, field trips and work experience. Perfect for you if you’re already working in a winery or want to enter the wine industry.

Extend your professional practice


New Zealand Certificate in Business (Administration and Technology) (Level 4)

40 weeks part-time / Fully online / Starts July, August, September, October

Designed to give you an overview and understanding of administration procedures, this programme will help you run an office smoothly and efficiently. If you're new to administration, this programme will give you an advanced understanding of administration and management. If you're someone who has already mastered the basics, this qualification will help you step up to a more senior level. This programme is offered fully online through our partner, eCampus NZ.


Graduate Diploma in Design (Specialty)

2 years part-time / Starts July / On campus (in Dunedin)

Looking to achieve an applied qualification in a specialist area to complement your existing design degree or experience? Perhaps you are a professional designer or practitioner wishing to develop practical skills and studio project experience to build your existing knowledge?


Recertification and Registration Competence Programme for New Zealand Midwives

14 weeks part-time / Flexible start / Online

We offer four hands-on courses, approved by the Midwifery Council, as part of the Registration Competence Programme for overseas midwives and Recertification Programme for New Zealand registered midwives.


Postgraduate Certificate in Midwifery Practice

Part-time options (6 months full-time) / Starts July, September / Online with workshops

Already a registered midwife and looking for a way to extend your professional expertise? This postgraduate programme is ideal as it is flexible, practice-focused and relevant. You'll do four courses that focus on aspects of midwifery practice and critically analyse your own midwifery experiences as a means of adding depth to your knowledge base. Tailored to meet your individual needs, our online learning option enables you to study from home. You'll also come along to one, two-day workshop where you'll have the chance to engage with other learners.


Postgraduate Diploma in Midwifery

Part-time options (1 year full-time) / Starts July, September / Online

Are you a registered midwife and want to extend your midwifery knowledge through a review of current thinking and research? Build on the Postgraduate Certificate in Midwifery Practice and extend your professional skills during this relevant and practice-focused programme. Critically analyse your own experiences as a midwife as a means of adding depth to your knowledge base, and further develop your confidence and transferable skill set enabling you to work anywhere in the world and to really make a difference in people's lives.


Master of Midwifery

Part-time options (2 years full-time) / Starts July / Online

Already practising as a registered midwife but want to develop advanced skills through independent research and scholarship? This internationally-recognised programme has a strong research focus and builds on the knowledge and skills gained during the Postgraduate Diploma in Midwifery through the provision of more demanding and intensive study. 

Occupational Therapy

Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Practice in Health (Specialty)

2.5 years part-time / Starts July / Online

Occupational Therapists and other health professionals often use the same base of knowledge and are increasingly working in teams together to achieve common goals. In addition, postgraduate qualifications are being required more often by employers.

If you are a health professional or an occupational therapist, this qualification can help you enhance your knowledge in your current practice. You will work with the Postgraduate Coordinator to tailor an individual study pathway to suit your learning needs. Your study and assignments will focus on your specialty area of practice, reflected in your qualification title.  


Postgraduate Certificate in Occupational Therapy Practice

2.5 years part-time / Starts July / Online

Suitable if you are, or have been, a registered occupational therapist. You will complete two courses of your choice for this qualification. You will be able to apply for opportunities that require clinical expertise or pursue a career in academia or policy development. This qualification also pathways into our advanced programmes.  


Postgraduate Diploma in Occupational Therapy Practice

4 years part-time / Starts July / Online

Perfect if you are a registered occupational therapist and want to enhance your skills and career potential in your practice. This programme will prepare you for expert clinical and managerial positions, both within New Zealand and overseas. Your learning may also provide you with the confidence to move into new areas where the role of occupational therapy is only emerging. Alternatively, you may choose to pursue a career in academia or policy development and this qualification will allow you to staircase into the Master of Occupational Therapy.

Master of Occupational Therapy

8 years part-time / Starts July / Online with block courses

Are you keen to develop your professional practice and research skills to a very high level? Do you want to gain an in-depth understanding of a specific aspect of occupational therapy knowledge? With a strong practice and research focus, this programme will enable you to build a broad range of knowledge to justify your practice. As a graduate, and with appropriate experience, you could enter higher positions of responsibility in occupational therapy or become involved in areas of policy or research. Alternatively, you could pursue an academic career in occupational therapy education or apply for enrolment into PhD programmes to take you to the top of your field. 


Postgraduate Certificate in Applied Science

1 year part-time / Starts July / Blended learning (online classes, industry placements and block courses at the Dunedin campus)

Deepen your knowledge and understanding of Applied Science. Choose to specialise in performance analysis, physical conditioning or exercise leadership, and apply your learnings through industry experience during your study. A course in professional development will then prepare you to work within the industry and assist you to understand your learning needs.


Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Science

2 years part-time / Starts July / Blended learning (online classes, industry placements and block courses at the Dunedin campus)

An advanced programme to extend your knowledge in a specialty of your choice - performance analysis, physical conditioning or exercise leadership. This programme has a wider and more encompassing scope than the Postgraduate Certificate. You’ll study a course in professional development which will prepare you to work within the industry and study a specialist topic to deepen your learning in a specific issue. Graduates will be eligible for relevant industry accreditations as well.

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