Flatting in Dunedin, or Central Otago is the ultimate student way of living. Live with a group of friends close to campus, cook meals as a flat, support one another through study and navigate living away from home together.

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Many students love the experience of renting a house together with friends and other students. When flatting, you will share living costs such as electricity, telephone and internet bills. It's important to pay rent and bills on time - this is part of the flatting experience.

Make sure you have a set of house rules and a plan in place for unwanted situations such as if a flat member becomes short on money, or starts to becomes unreliable.

Flatting in Dunedin

Most student flats in Dunedin have four to six bedrooms and vary in quality, from brand new to the classic 'scarfie' abode. Most flats don't come with carports or garages, so expect to park your car on the street.

Furnished flats typically cost slightly more and are less common to come by. However, your expenses will usually be the same as in an unfurnished property. Monthly expenses when flatting will cover the cost of internet, rubbish collection and power bills. Plus you'll have weekly expenses like groceries, petrol and subscription services.

Student flats are mainly located in North Dunedin, close to both our campus on Forth Street and the Otago University. No matter where you live, you'll usually only be a 20 minute walk from campus.

Where to find a flat in Dunedin

Flatting in Central Otago

Central Otago is home to the relaxed and laid back. Flats here will usually have two to four bedrooms per house, and will come with heaps of parking, lawns, gardens and outdoor spaces. Flats in Central Otago are bigger than what you'd find in Dunedin, and a lot of new builds are always up for rent.

Like anywhere, your monthly expenses when flatting will covers the cost of bills - internet, rubbish collection and power. Central Otago is famous for it's cold, snowy winters, so during these months you may see a rise in your power bill.

There are a limited number of flats in Central Otago due to it's small population. But on the plus side, wherever you live, you'll only be a stones throw from either our Cromwell, or Wānaka campus.

Where to find a flat in Central Otago

What to look for at a flat viewing

  1. Can you afford it?
    Budget for bond, weekly rent and bills. Can you afford it over summer when StudyLink does not give out Student Loan or Allowance payments.
  2. Is it warm?
    Are there working heat pumps? Check for double glazing, and make sure doors and windows are fully sealed.
  3. Is there mould?
    Mould in a flat indicates dampness, and lack of air-flow. Look behind curtains, and in the bathroom.
  4. Will it be noisy?
    Check out the street before you move in. Is it a party area? Think about what the noise levels could look like when you need to study.

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