If you're looking for a private place to live while you study, or want to provide accommodation for your family, renting is the perfect option. There are plenty of houses around Dunedin and Central Otago in quiet, family and pet friendly areas.

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Renting in Dunedin

If you're looking for a quiet place to call home, renting is the perfect option for you. Dunedin suburbs are full of rental properties, you can find anything from houses with big backyards and plenty of lawn, to tidy low maintenance properties, studios or units.

Dunedin is a quiet, family friendly town - kids walk to school, traffic is at a minimal, and there is a good kiwi spirit in the air. No matter where you decide to live, you and your whānau can sit back and enjoy how safe the city can be.

Average rental price

You can most commonly find three to five bedroom houses around Dunedin. Properties located in residential areas and hillside suburbs away from the city centre usually come with garages, carports or outdoor spaces. Plus living in Dunedin, you'll always find yourself close to local schools, parks and playgrounds in the area.

  • average weekly rent for a three - five bedroom house: $500-$700
  • average rent for a private studio: $170-$230

Private studios and units are easy to come by too. Studios can commonly be found around the city centre and the student area where our Dunedin campus is located. If you're after a unit, these can mostly be found in quiet areas like Mosgiel, Port Chalmers or South Dunedin.

Where to find a rental property in Dunedin

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Renting in Central Otago

Living in Central Otago your neighbours are your friends, the quiet streets turn into bike paths, and the back yard hosts a good BBQ dinner. Central Otago is a quiet relaxed place to call a house a home, with rentals being found throughout Cromwell, Wānaka and surrounding areas.

Properties are usually always stand alone houses here. You can expect to find a mix of new builds with big sections as well as cozy cottages all within a stones throw from campus.

Average rental price

Average weekly rent for a two - four bedroom house: $300 - $600

Houses in Central Otago are bright, open and comfortable with sections of a decent size. Expenses may be low during the summer months, but once winter hits be prepared to see a rise in your power bill, and snow at your door step.

Where to find rental in Central Otago

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