Ministry of Education regulations require us to hold certified copies of documentation which confirms your legal name, date of birth, and citizenship status (‘Legal name’).

You also have the option of providing us a known as, or preferred, name for general use (‘Known As name’). As part of your application you may need to provide us with Proof of identity documentation

Proof of identity - What do you need to provide?

If you were born in New Zealand, you will need to provide a certified copy of one of the below:

  • your Birth Certificate
  • your New Zealand Passport

If you were not born in New Zealand you will need to provide a certified copy of one of the below

  • your New Zealand Citizenship papers
  • your New Zealand passport
  • your Passport from another country and a copy of your current visa

If your legal name differs from that on your Birth Certificate or Passport, you must also include your Marriage Certificate or Deed Poll as proof of your name change.

Legal name

Your legal name is the name recorded on the National Student Index (NSI), verified through the proof of identity process noted above.

Known As name

At the point of application, and throughout your time with us, you can set your Known As (or Preferred) first name if this varies from your legal name.

This is the name which we will use in emails, class lists, and general correspondence with you. There are a small number of instances where we need to use your Legal name (see below). 

You do not need to provide any documentation for your Known As name.

Where we must use your Legal name

There are some documents which we are required to generate with your legal name. These documents are

  • Qualification certificates
  • Transcripts
  • Study contracts
  • Debt collection letters

If you have provided a Known As name and you receive something with your Legal name which is not one of the above, please contact us so we can investigate the situation.

How to change your Legal name

You can change your name in New Zealand if you’re at least 18 years old, and are a New Zealand citizen or entitled to live here indefinitely.

Information on how to change your name in New Zealand is available from the New Zealand government.

Changing your own name

If you change your name you will need to provide us with evidence of your name change (your updated birth certificate or name change certificate) so we can update your legal name in our system and on the NSI.

Contact us

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