Student Insurance

We can offer all domestic students access to a tailored insurance programme through InsurancesafeNZ. Our aim is to minimise stress related to living away from home with a policy tailored to our students’ needs.

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Domestic students

Studentsafe Domestic is a travel insurance policy designed for New Zealand residents or citizens living and studying away from home within New Zealand.

Studentsafe insurance offers:

  • Student contents – includes fridges, stereos, rented goods in your place of residence such as computers, laptops, tablets, watches, jewellery, musical instruments, phones, bikes etc
  • Personal liability – includes damage to flats, halls or residence and home stay property
  • 14 day travel cover - comprehensive travel insurance for up to 14 days for an overseas holiday in the Pacific Region
  • Money – as a result of burglary
  • Temporary accommodation – if your place of residence becomes uninhabitable following a claim under the policy

Special student benefits:

  • If you are hospitalised and/or it’s medically necessary to return home, the airfare for one parent to accompany you, plus incidental hospital expenses
  • Travel costs home if one of your near relatives becomes seriously ill or dies, plus your return to study
  • Loss of deposits and cancellation costs covers other costs such as educational fees, accommodation or other deposits paid that you need to cancel if a close relative becomes seriously ill or dies
  • Accidental death, total disablement cover, plus funeral expenses

For further information about the policy details and to get a quote, please visit the InsurancesafeNZ website.

Full disclosure, we make a small financial gain from the premiums sold. All of this money goes directly to Education Foundation – a programme that provides financial support for Otago Polytechnic students and staff to continue their development through study and global experience.

International students

International students must have appropriate and current medical and travel insurance while studying in New Zealand. It is compulsory for all international students studying at Otago Polytechnic to have Unicare travel and medical insurance.

Their package is called NZ Student Plan and more details can be found on the Uni-Care website. Our International Admissions Office will arrange this insurance for you and include the cost in your offer of place. Please complete this Medical Declaration if you have a pre-existing condition and send it to Otago Polytechnic with your application.

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