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Dan Cox

Seeking a steady career, Dan Cox drew on his interests in physics, chemistry and maths and began studying Electrical Engineering.


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Dan Cox had been working for over 10 years in sound engineering and security work on and off. Having always been interested in electrical stuff, he chose to study a Level 4 Electrical Technology Certificate as he already had a bit of experience having worked in sound engineering and wanted something stable with more job security.

“I wanted to do it quickly and get a really good head start. I’m turning 30 this year so I didn’t want to muck around.

“The programme gave me a really good theoretical background to draw upon for the everyday things I see at work now. I got to work with people and could collaborate, share ideas and discuss things. Plus the tutors were excellent and showed you how to do things properly.”

Dan is now working for Sonntag Fox Electric. At the time of this story being written, he had been there for eight months and was really enjoying the work.

“I started part-time for three months or so and now work full-time. I’m continuing to learn so much. Every day is different. It’s great to work in an industry where there is demand for my skills. The best part of the job is it combines a variety of things that I am interested in (physics, maths, and chemistry) so it’s really interesting.”

The Certificate in Electrical Technology (Level 4) as a pathway to employment in the electrical industry has been replaced by the New Zealand Certificate in Electrical Engineering Theory (Level 3).

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Published on 13 Dec 2021