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Emilia Schmidt Staneloni

Emilia Schmidt Staneloni has relished the cultural mix of Otago Polytechnic, moving to New Zealand to study English from Argentina. She was impressed by her learning experience, but also the local wines.

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23 year old Emilia Schmidt Staneloni is a winemaker from Mendoza, Argentina. She came to New Zealand to study English as her brother studied English at Otago Polytechnic three years ago.

“He came home and now he speaks English very well. I was very impressed so I decided I needed to improve my English too.”

Emilia describes studying at Otago Polytechnic as a really good experience.

“I like that as well as learning English I get to meet and talk with people from other cultures, for example I have classmates from China and Korea. The great thing about studying at Otago Polytechnic is classes are all in English so you hear English all day long which helps you learn faster how to communicate.”

“Dunedin is a beautiful place but it is also very safe. Because it’s a student city there are more possibilities and opportunities. There are lots of fun activities to do and everything that you could possibly need is here.”

Emilia has also been impressed with New Zealand’s wine industry. “The wine in Central Otago is very good and I have just secured a job working in a winery in Cromwell. I'm excited to learn about New Zealand wine more.”

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Published on 14 Dec 2021