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Michael Murray

Michael Murray wants to encourage others to take a step forward in their fitness journey. He chose to study the Certificate in Exercise (Level 4) with aspirations to work in the fitness industry and enjoys the practical focus on the programme.

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Michael Murray has a long list of sporting interests and achievements.

Yet the sports-mad learner is keen to add another to that list: helping others achieve their goals.

Originally from Christchurch, Michael quit a full-time job as a tradesman to enrol in the New Zealand Certificate in Exercise (Level 4) at Otago Polytechnic and is looking to build on his studies.

“I chose this course because I want to help others achieve their sporting goals and encourage others to take a step forward in their fitness journey.

“I have been into sports since I was able to run as a toddler. Sport has been a big part of my life and I have given most sports a go – the main ones being soccer, running, and orienteering.”

Michael, who represented New Zealand in orienteering and made regional representative sides for both soccer and running, is now focusing on bodybuilding and powerlifting, sports  that require plenty of focus and discipline.

These attributes extend to his studies, too.

“A key challenge of this course is time management. It’s full-on but fun, so planning is key given I need to fit in study with classes and interacting clients throughout the course.”

Michael Murray


Studied the New Zealand Certificate in Exercise (Level 4)

Michael, who would eventually like work in the fitness industry, is enjoying the hands-on, practically focused nature of the Otago Polytechnic programme.

“This helps gain a better understanding of the theory as well as what is expected once you leave studies and branch out into the workforce.
“The practical side is strongly suited to my learning style. The teaching staff show and demonstrate, which helps me gain a deeper understanding.”

And the staff are always there to support learners, Michael says.

“If there are any problems around assignments, classes or even external factors, the teaching staff are able to help in many ways. The class environment is focused on helping everyone achieve – which is awesome!”

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Published on 14 Dec 2021