Student Story

Ryan Keogh

As a builder, construction always appealed to Ryan Keogh as a rewarding career as your hard work is seen, it's tangible. Keen to further his career, Ryan studied Construction Management and moved into Project Management.

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Ryan Keogh is firmly focused on his career goals. At the age of twenty-six, he has already attained the role of Project Manager with Naylor Love Construction.

Ryan has gained experience on a number of large projects, including work for the University of Otago, overseeing renovations at Speights Brewery, and the redevelopment at Invercargill prison.

Ryan completed his Carpentry Certificate at Otago Polytechnic some years ago, before going on to receive the title of National Carters and Registered Master Builders Apprentice of the Year.

Keen to further his career, he has since completed Level 6 study at Otago Polytechnic. “Construction Management complemented my planning skills, while Quantity Surveying provided the financial skills needed,” he says. “Along with on-site experience, this gave me the background I required to move into project management.”

Ryan is now planning to complete an Engineering degree at university. He was thrilled to discover he can cross credit his qualifications from Otago Polytechnic towards over half his degree.

“Your studies at Otago Polytechnic can also reduce the time needed to complete further qualifications – helping you advance faster in your career.”

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Published on 11 Mar 2022