Penelope Baldwin

A love of health and wellness and a passion for food has led Penelope Baldwin to establish her own plant-based cafe and botanical cocktail bar, Kind Company in Dunedin.

Penelope Baldwin

Penelope Baldwin designs, manufactures, and sells products that integrate herbal medicine and nutrition with common foods that can be enjoyed daily. She also undertakes consulting work for other chefs, cafes, and restaurants, and collaborates with food designers.

“My latest project is a plant-based grocer, deli, and herbal dispensary called Kind Grocer. The shop is now open in Dunedin, and it’s where I manufacture and sell my own products onsite as well as support other amazing products from New Zealand food designers.”

Penelope was already working in the field of herbal medicine and nutrition, but decided in her late 20’s that she wanted to work more with food on a daily basis.

“Studying Culinary Arts has allowed me to combine my love of food and health, and it also pointed me in new and innovative directions. The support and care I received from the lecturers in learning how to best merge my skills and passions was more than I ever could have expected.

“Choosing a career in food and product design, rather than a more traditional chef role, has allowed me more flexibility to maintain relationships and family life while nourishing my own creativity.”

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Published on 14 Dec 2021