Student Story

Victoria Madison

Victoria Madison’s mantra is “Great Taste, No Waste”. While studying the Bachelor of Culinary Arts at Otago Polytechnic, she became fascinated with how much waste we produce in our culinary wanderings. 

Victoria Madison

Victoria Madison in her happy place.

Victoria has found a sustainable niche, transforming food waste into delectable delights.

She started with ‘Compost Cookies’ using discarded by-products, like vegetable peels and fruit-juice pulp. She makes ricotta from the whey produced at the Evansdale Cheese Factory, flour from spent grains at Emerson’s Brewery, and sausage rolls from seconds spears at Palmerston Asparagus.

Why pay top dollar when you’re just going to put it through a mincer or a pulper?

Victoria’s next step is a line of liqueurs using windfall fruit from Central Otago, seconds berries and foraged botanicals. “I filter spring water through sapwood offcuts – so the flavour’s infused into the water”. ‘Branch Water Liqueurs’ will be launched early 2017.

Victoria says other Otago Polytechnic students are also keen to see her succeed. “All my beautiful new branding is created by third year Design student, Rachael Kelso”.

“My time at the Food Design Institute at Otago Polytechnic has given me a new shot at life.”


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Published on 14 Dec 2021