Ways to study

With us, you can tailor your study to fit around you, your schedule and your needs. Whether you're learning on the job, on campus, or online, we offer many different forms of learning so you have a choice about what, when, where and how you learn.

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Decide how you want to learn

Full-time or Part-time

All of our programmes are offered as full-time study and range from six months right through to three years in duration, depending on the qualification level. However, many also give you the option to study part-time too, which gives you flexibility to work or manage whānau commitments.

To see what programmes are offered part-time, check the ‘quick info’ block on programme pages or add ‘part-time’ to a search query. We do our best to make studying an option for all.

“I can set my own schedule and work at my own pace. The majority of my weekends are spent at home with my cat for full study days - This is when I get the bulk of my work done, especially writing up my assignments.”

Libby Evans

Bachelor of Veterinary Nursing (third year)

Veterinary nursing

Learn on campus

On campus learning is a great way to surround yourself with like-minded people and get access to great facilities, tools and equipment related to your study. Plus, when studying on campus, you have the opportunity to make full use of the student services available, such as Student Health, on-campus libraries, gyms and recreational facilities.

Learn online

Online study is the perfect way to fit your learning around you. Whether you have family, work or lifestyle commitments, online learning gives you the freedom to gain a qualification in your own time from anywhere in New Zealand. We offer several fully online programmes, delivered in partnership with Open Polytechnic/Te Pūkenga, who offer a range of online certificates and diplomas.

Our online learning platforms let you talk to your facilitator and your virtual classmates and access all your course material from wherever you are.

You will have access to online student support services to develop your learning and academic writing skills – and to support your health and wellbeing, help you plan your career and to give you IT support.

Explore online learning

Learn both online and on campus (blended delivery)

Some programmes have a blend of online learning with things like block courses (held on campus or at other locations), work/fieldwork placements and local tutorials. This way you can get this best out of online learning while also incorporating practical work relating to your chosen study area.

We’re not just limited to teaching sites in Dunedin, Central Otago and Auckland either. We deliver programmes in locations throughout New Zealand.

Explore blended learning

Learn on the job

Some of our programmes are delivered via an apprenticeship mode, which means you work (and get paid) and complete your studies while you work. This is a great option for many people and gives you the opportunity to learn and get the all-important experience that employer look for.

Many of our programmes can be delivered via Capable NZ. If you’ve gained significant knowledge and skills over the years (both from work and life), we can help you fast-track a formal qualification.

Explore Capable NZ to see what programmes are offered and all enquiries.

Explore on-the-job learning

“I would recommend to anyone that chooses to do this course full time, to fit in as much industry-based work as you can squeeze in as it really helps to consolidate your learning.”

Tom Robertson

Level 4 Fruit production (industry-based)


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Need career advice?

If you’re struggling to decide what you want to study, we are here to help! We have friendly, knowledgable Careers Advisors who can provide advice tailored to your passions and skills.