Blended delivery

Some of our programmes combine online learning with things like block courses (held on campus or at other locations), work placements and local tutorials. This way, you get the convenience of online study as well as all the benefits of in-person learning.

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While we teach a lot of our qualifications out of our campuses in Dunedin and Central Otago, it doesn’t mean that you have to move to Otago to study a course.

Our qualifications are designed to work best for our students and the industry requirements. In some instances, learning is best delivered using a blend of study deliveries - a mix of online lectures, short block courses on campus and teaching at our satellite offices throughout New Zealand.

What is blended delivery?

Blended delivery means that you learn through a combination of practical classes/projects, online learning, work placements, face-to-face tutorials (block courses) and/or traditional classroom teaching.

We often integrate multiple ways to facilitate practical and theoretical learning. In some instances, blended delivery might mean that you’re taking online - self-paced classes, with practical block courses at one of our campuses. In others, you might have a mix of online study and work/clinic placements.

There is not one but many ways our courses are structured, thus blended delivery is specific to each course. We recommend understanding what blended delivery means for you when you apply for a course. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Need advice?

If you’re not sure what to study and would like some guidance, we’re here to help. Feel free to chat to us directly about any questions you may have.