On the job

Gain an industry-recognised qualification while learning on the job. We have courses that you can complete through apprenticeships or CapableNZ, which makes for a great learning experience while gaining skills that employers look for!

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Train on the job

We have many ways you can gain a qualification while learning on the job. Which study mode suits you best will depend on your career aspirations and work experience. The options available to you range from apprenticeships to industry-based training, to recognition of prior experience through CapableNZ.


Some of our programmes are delivered via an apprenticeship model, which means you work (and get paid) and complete your studies while you work. This is a great option for many people as these programmes are designed to train you for the industry which requires work-ready, practical skills. The apprenticeship option puts your foot in the door for future opportunities as you learn the skills while working in the industry.

Industry-based learning

Some of our qualifications might be suitable for you if you’re already employed and want to enhance your skills while working in your current role. You might have to complete online training modules while you use your workplace as a setting to apply your skills. Each work-based learning course is unique. We recommend checking the programme information page of what you want to study to get a detailed view of what the work-based study will look like.

Zarrin Robertson enjoys the benefits of on-site training

automotive apprenticeship

Zarrin Robertson enjoys the benefits of on-site training

"You can even bring your own car in to get worked on, if it’s related to what you’re learning"

Got 5+ years experience? Fast-track a formal qualification

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You may have heaps of valuable experience in the industry but don’t have a recognised qualification which can serve as evidence of our skills. Our team at Capable NZ works closely with you to understand your skills and experience to help you gain a qualification.

We assess your capabilities, identify gaps in your practice and help you meet them, which all lead to an NZQA qualification. For many Capable NZ students, you can complete a 3-year degree in just 18 months - now that is fast!

How it works

We will match you with a facilitator who will assess what you already know and identify what you need to learn. We will help you collate and provide evidence that proves the experience you have. From here, we will work together to craft the best learning solution to fill in your knowledge gaps.

We use a range of ways to demonstrate existing knowledge and build new experience. These can include oral presentations, written case studies, online lessons, work-based projects, and professional workplace or academic mentoring.

Once we agree you are ready, we will support you to present a portfolio of evidence to the Academic Panel. You’ll be graduating with your well-deserved NZQA qualification before you know it! We have many courses available through Capable NZ. Explore what suits you best!

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Need advice?

If you’re not sure what to study and would like some guidance, we’re here to help. Feel free to chat to us directly about any questions you may have.