Otago Polytechnic

Have you ever had to hold a meeting in an unsuitable space because all the meeting rooms were booked – only to discover afterwards that some meeting rooms had been sitting empty because of no-shows?

In order to maximise our space and make meetings run more smoothly, we’re testing a new room booking feature called ‘Event Check-in’ in The Hub.

Event Check-in requires a meeting attendee to check into the meeting prior to using the room by selecting ‘Start Event’ on the room’s iPad. If the check-in does not occur, the room booking will be removed from the calendar, freeing the room up for others to re-book.

The check-in feature will be enabled ten minutes before the meeting. A check-in countdown will display on the iPad. (This will not interfere with any meetings in progress.)

If the people occupying the meeting room do not leave when your meeting is due to start, just politely let them know – most people will vacate when they realise other people want to use the room.

When are we testing?

18 to 29 September

Where are we testing?

All meeting rooms in the Hub – (H103, H105, H127, H128, H133).


If you have any feedback on the check-in feature please email servicedesk@op.ac.nz

Next steps

After our testing we will evaluate the experience and feedback given.