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Past professional development updates

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Ako Aotearoa 1246x710 Reading

An introduction to Dyslexia | Supporting learners to achieve their potential

Ako Aotearoa Short Online Course

Develop skills and knowledge to recognise and support tertiary learners with dyslexia and other learning differences.

Ako Aotearoa 1246x710 ePosts Online

ePosts Online | Enhancing tertiary learning and teaching through technology

Ako Aotearoa Workshop

Supporting new tertiary teachers and experienced teachers, keen to investigate and implement innovative learning technologies.

Safety and Wellbeing 1246x710 Induction Module V2

Safety & Wellbeing Staff Training (2019)

Online self-paced

Learn about Safety and Wellbeing in the workplace and your responsibilities. Required for all staff.

capable logo

Learner Capability Tool - Information and Training

Workshop offered regularly Aug - Nov

Find out more about the I Am Capable tool and how to use it

hands 1167618 1280

Learning in a Digital Age

Online, cohort-based

Free online course to build the digital literacies needed to succeed with learning on the internet.

Fire Warden 1246x710

Fire Warden Training

Workshop offered regularly

Training for OP staff who have been assigned as Fire Wardens for their area.

ian stauffer teamwork 1300x830

Improve team dynamics and effectiveness

Online self-paced

Explore strategies and techniques to improve your teamwork skills.

Te Ao Maori 2

Treaty of Waitangi Workshop

Workshops in March, July, September, November

This 2 day workshop will explore the Treaty of Waitangi and its implications in a non-confrontational, participatory process.

Learning and Teaching Development OAS2

Educational Technology

Orientation and Assisting Students | Moodle Training Suite

Workshop on request
Online self-paced option

Learn about administering and creating Moodle LMS courses, and assisting students in getting started.

Learning and Teaching Development BD2

Educational Technology

Before Delivery | Moodle Training Suite

Workshop on request
Online self-paced option

Prepare the administration aspects of a course before delivery, including enrolling students, staff roles, and quality and usability checks

Learning and Teaching Development DD2

Educational Technology

During Delivery | Moodle Training Suite

Workshop on request
Online self-paced option

Gain insight into learner engagement and progress in Moodle with reports, discussion forums, marking workflow and gradebook.

New Staff 2

The OP Way

Workshops in February, May, August, October

A half day welcome to all new OP employees to help you see your role within the bigger picture.

Safety and Wellbeing 3

Accident Investigation Training

Workshops in March, May, August, November

This is for staff who are required to investigate accidents or incidents within their schools or service areas.

Safety and Wellbeing 4

Harassment and Bullying Prevention

Workshops in April, June, September, December

A workshop for all staff, exploring bullying and harassment, policy and laws, and combating unwanted behaviour in the workplace.

Safety and Wellbeing 5

Manual Handling Awareness

Workshops in February, May, August, October

Increase awareness and understanding of manual handling activities and preventing injuries.

Safety and Wellbeing 6

Hazard Identification

Workshops in February, May, August, October

Find out how to identify and manage hazards in the workplace including Vault reporting and follow up on controls.

Learning and Teaching Development RLAAA

Educational Technology

Resources, Learning and Assessment Activities | Moodle Training Suite

Workshop on request
Online self-paced option

Learn how to add and use learning activities, resources, assessment types and Turnitin (plagiarism and grading tool).

Learning and Teaching Development CAB

Educational Technology

Course Administration Basics | Moodle Training Suite

Workshop on request
Online self-paced option

Find out how to add images (with attribution), add activities and resources, and use editing tools, blocks and groups.

Learning and Teaching Development COER

Educational Technology

Copyright and Open Educational Resources | Moodle Training Suite

Online self-paced

Learn about copyright, creative commons, attribution and OERs when creating Moodle courses.

Ako Aotearoa  1246x710 OT Art v2

Pacific Cultural Centredness Pathway

Ako Aotearoa Workshop

Build confidence to better support and engage with your Pacifika learners through this workshop.

max van den oetelaar 646474 unsplash crop

Personal Wellbeing

Browse a selection of Personal Wellbeing self-directed courses and tutorials from Lynda.com.

jehyun sung 486247 unsplash crop

Personal Leadership

A selection of Personal Leadership self-directed courses and tutorials from Lynda.com.

My Learning Banner Editing 1246x710 Te Ao Maori 2

Māori Strategic Framework

Online self-paced

An introduction to the Māori Strategic Framework (MSF) and how staff are implementing the priorities of the framework.

LTD 1246x710 Bonsai2

Researcher Capability Development

Research Ethics Training

Online self-paced

Gain an introductory understanding to different aspects of research ethics through this series of online modules.

Diversity and Inclusion2

Working Under the Rainbow - LGBTTIF Awareness Training

Online self-paced

Increase your awareness and support for an inclusive and safe workplace for Rainbow staff.

ad mylearning image

Educational Technology

After Delivery | Moodle Training Suite

Workshop on request
Online self-paced option

Learn about how to back up a course, remove students and reset the course, ready for the next occurrence.

LTD 1246x710 brainstorming4

Growing numeracy: Building confidence with numbers

Online facilitated course
External Event

Discover skills and resources to help learners overcome numeracy limitations. Hosted by Ako Aotearoa.

Digital Skills and OP Tools 3

Introduction to Computer Security

Online self-paced

Increase your computer and internet security with strong passwords and awareness of online threats.

Safety and Wellbeing 8

GoodYarn Workshop

Workshop offered regularly

Getting people talking about mental health - oranga korero.

Learning and Teaching Development MT

Educational Technology

Moodle Templates | Moodle Training Suite

Workshop on request
Online self-paced option

Easily edit and modify the Programme and Blended Course Templates, to meet learning and teaching requirements.

ept mylearning image

Educational Technology

ePortfolio Training | Educational Technology Training Suite

Workshop on request
Online self-paced option

Learn what ePortfolios are and how you can use them for your learners and yourself.