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You may have seen a report of a firearms incident at the Dunedin School of Art (Otago Polytechnic Dunedin Campus) earlier today. 

We now have the following details from the Executive Leadership Team which we will share with national and local media. 

  • There was a reported incident at the Dunedin School of Art just before 3.00pm this afternoon, when a male was allegedly seen brandishing what appeared to be a handgun. 
  • Police arrived soon after the 111 call was made and the School of Art was evacuated and cordoned off immediately. A thorough investigation of the scene and inspection of the School’s buildings was conducted. 
  • Senior staff members of the Polytechnic attended the incident as soon as it was reported. 
  • The majority of Otago Polytechnic’s learners are currently on mid-semester break, however the incident is being treated as serious to ensure the safety of staff and learners. 
  • The Police have given the all clear, but will continue monitoring the scene throughout the evening. 
  • Night classes scheduled for this evening (18 July) at the School of Art have been cancelled. 
  • The Executive Leadership Team will be meeting with the senior sergeant who attended the scene early next week and are conducting an incident review process. 
  • We will be able to send out a further update once this has occurred. 

We appreciate this has been a concerning incident for all and our support staff are always here for anyone who needs any assistance.