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At OP, we strive to put YOU at the centre of our actions and decisions and this is your chance to tell us what you think...and to go in the draw to win one of 10 x $50 prepaid Mastercards! 

The Tauira (Student) Opinion Survey is an annual survey that we run to get your feedback about all things OP. 

The whole thing should take between 5-10 mins max. to complete and all your answers are strictly confidential. 


What kind of things will I be asked about? 

Questions range from asking how satisfied you’ve been overall with your programme, the quality of teaching and learning environment, to asking you to provide feedback on the student support services we provide, what your best experience has been and to let us know if you’d recommend OP as a place to study. Most questions will ask you to mark on a continuum (from poor to excellent) and there’s also some free text space where you can add comments.

Why should I get involved?
  • Use your voice - let us know what we do well and what we could do a little better.

  • Spread the aroha – tell us about your fave experience with us, a lecturer who you thought was great or a support staff member who made a huge difference to your study journey.

  • Be part of the change – help us understand what might need to change for new/returning tauira.

  • And… go in the draw to win one of 10 x $50 prepaid Mastercards.

How do I get involved?

Easy! The survey is run in a platform called EvaluationKit. 

  • You’ll get an email from EvaluationKit inviting you to take part in the survey. This will be sent to your OP email account. You can click on the link in the email to start the survey in the EvaluationKit dashboard, or
  • There is a link to the EvaluationKit dashboard in Moodle and on the Student Hub, or
  • You can just head directly to and use your OP username as both the username and password to log in (once you’ve been invited to take part). 


When does the survey happen?

The survey is run progressively from late September through to the 30 November 2021.

The timing of your survey invite is based on what programme you are studying. For the majority of degree, grad dip and postgraduate tauira, the survey will be available from early October. For certificate and diploma tauira, it’ll be available from early November. 

Will anything actually happen if I give feedback? 

Yes, absolutely – we take all comments and ratings seriously and will action whatever is practical to do so. 

For example, as a result from previous feedback:

  • we’ve made improvements to Moodle, based on user feedback, to make content easier to access
  • we’re carrying out reviews of the delivery and timing of some programme content – this includes direct consultation with tauira as some tauira wanted more direct contact with teaching staff
  • we’re embedding more tailored support for distance tauira
  • we’ve extended the winter hours of the Robertson Library and have provided more access to e-books, online journals and databases, and
  • we’ve increased access to student support services including career support, counselling and health and wellbeing. 

Once the survey closes, we’ll send another email out with the general themes identified and how we plan to tackle them.


Any questions? 

If you have any questions, please email Stuart Terry. Stuart works in our Organisational Research team and coordinates the survey. 


Email Stuart >