Otago Polytechnic

Kia ora and welcome to Te Wiki o Te Reo Māori!

Each day we’ve got a kupu (word) of the day, some insights into OP tikaka (customs and protocols), and an event to enjoy!  


Rāhina / Monday

Kupu of the day

Tauira = learner

Eg: “I am a tauira at Otago Polytechnic.”


Waiata and whakaoriori in The Hub

12noon, The Hub

Be one in one million! Learn more here.


Please keep your feet, bags, clothing and bottoms off tables. 

In other words – please leave dining surfaces for food.


Rātu / Tuesday

Kupu of the day

Mahi = work

Eg: “Lockdown was hard mahi!”


Treasure Hunt

12noon, The Hub

Can you solve the Te Reo Māori clues to find the taonga?


Here at OP, staff like to open and close meetings with karakia.

Your class might want to think about how you could incorporate karakia into your mahi.  


Rāapa / Wednesday

Kupu of the day

Hui = gathering / meeting

Eg: “We’re having a hui at the Student Voice Symposium.”


Kōrero Café

12noon, Wednesday 16

The Hub

An opportunity to practice your Te Reo Māori.


At occasions such as shared morning teas or formal events, we bless
the food with karakia before eating. This can be done in English or
in Te Reo Māori. The purpose of karakia kai is to acknowledge the land, seas, skies and people who provided the food.


Rāpare / Thursday

Kupu of the day

Hīkoi = walk

Eg: “Would you like to go for a hīkoi into town with me at lunchtime?”


Wharewhare (also known as Bingo!)

12noon, The Hub

Test your Te Reo Māori during a game of bingo.


Our Kaitohutohu Office welcomes formal visitors to OP
with a mihi whakatau in The Hub. A mihi whakatau offers an official welcome that is unique to the mana whenua of our region


 Rāmere / Friday

Kupu of the day (okay this one is actually a phrase, but we think you’ll like it…)

Kia pai tō wā whakatā – have a great weekend (said to one person)

Kia pai ō koutou rā whakatā – I wish you all a great weekend (said to a group of people)

Eg: “It’s Rāmere! Kia pai tō wā whakatā!’


Hāngī fundraiser

12noon, The Quad

Free! Proceeds to the Student Voice Symposium.


We try not to mix working and eating. Eating is a
time to relax, recharge and share stories. So don’t take your laptop down to the hangi lunch today!


Whakamanahia i te Kaupapa!

Empower this Kaupapa!