Otago Polytechnic

Otago Polytechnic is now recycling soft plastics

We can recycle the following products:

  • Reusable carrier shopping bags (100% polypropylene)
  • Carrier bags
  • Bread, pasta and rice bags
  • Fresh produce bags and net citrus bags
  • Frozen food bags (frozen vegetable, fries, burgers, nuggets, poultry etc.)
  • Confectionery wraps and lolly bags
  • Dairy wrappers
  • Plastic packaging around toilet paper, kitchen towels, nappies and sanitary products
  • Courier packs
  • Newspaper and magazine wraps
  • Chocolate and muesli bar wrappers and biscuit packets (wrapper only)
  • Chip packets
  • Squeeze pouches (keep the lid on)
  • Ice cream wrappers
  • Cereal box liners

How it works


Collect all the soft plastics which you use. Bags should be empty and dry


Drop them into the soft plastic recycling bin in the Hub.


Campus Services will deliver them to the soft plastic recycling bins at the supermarkets.

At this stage at this stage the recycle company only deals with supermarkets but hope to expand their collection points to incorporate educational facilities by the end of 2018.


The recycling company will then recycle them into fitness circuits, outdoor furniture, bollards and other products such as our own recycling bins.


The bin is in the Hub and will be cleared weekly.