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Rīpoata Rakahau-ā-Tau: Otago Polytechnic Research Annual Reports

Read about our published research.  

Research Report 2014 08rr
OP Research Annual Report 2015 OP Research Annual Report 2014 OP Research Annual Report 2013
resrep09 188x166 2011 annual research  
OP Research Annual Report 2012 OP Research Annual Report 2011  

Please contact Jenny Aimers for copies of earlier Research Annual Reports.

Rakahau-a-mahi hou: new applied research

Read about upcoming publications alongside ‘tasters’ of work in progress in this publication (series now discontinued). 

J01183 Research Report Issue 8 WEB final 6

Rakahou a mahi hou Issue 7 FA Web

118x166 cover sep 2011

Issue 8, July 2013 Issue 7, December 2011 Issue 6, September 2011  



Issue 5, November 2010 Issue 4, June 2010    

Journals /  Scope
SCOPE / Art and Design 11/  Nov 2015 SCOPE / Art and Design 12/  2016 SCOPE / Kaupapa Kai Tahu 3 / 2015

Journals / Junctures
Junctures 2015  Junctures 2016

The Otago Polytechnic Research Repository (OPRES) collects, preserves and distributes the theses of our students and staff. As an Open Access repository, OPRES is an important tool for preserving the legacy of Otago Polytechnic; it facilitates digital preservation and scholarly communication.


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