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Research from Collins, Emma

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Emma Collins



Emma Collins
Principal Lecturer

Emma is a Principal Lecturer within the School of Nursing, Year 2 (BN) Programme Leader, as well as a Learning and Teaching Specialist (ePortfolios) with the Learning and Teaching Development team.
She began working for OP in 2011 and holds a Master of Nursing, specialising in Child Health. Her background is in paediatric nursing and community child and family health, in particular, school nursing and public health. Emma currently remains working clinically in a paediatric inpatient setting.
Her teaching commitments include professional nursing – theory and research, as well as coordination of clinical experiences.
Her research interests include Nursing Informatics – from developing and publishing guidelines for emerging practitioners with national colleagues, implementation and support of ePortfolios, to introducing augmented reality into nursing education using the Microsoft HoloLens.

Email: Emma.Collins@op.ac.nz

Research Outputs

Collins,E. (2016) Implementing an ePortfolio into the Bachelor of Nursing. 2016 ePortfolio Forum, Sydney, 28-29 September.

Collins, E. (2015) Implementing an ePortfolio in undergraduate nursing education. Poster presentation, Australasian Nurse Educators Conference, 11th - 13th November, 2015.

Collins,E.C., & Crawley,J. (2016) Introducing ePortfolios into nursing schools Kai Tiaki, Nursing New Zealand. 22 (5), 34-35.

Collins,E. (2017) Reflective Learning with ePortfolios. invited by the TELedvisors (Technology Enhanced Learning educational advisers) special interest group of ASCILITE (Australasian Society for Computers in Learning and Tertiary Education) to present a 20 minute webinar on reflection in ePortfolios, 2nd November. I was subsequently invited to be a part of this group.

Collins,E. (2017) Teaching child health in a Bachelor of Nursing Programme. Poster presentation at the Australasian Nurse Educators Conference, Christchurch.

Collins, E. (2017) ePortfolios in an Undergraduate Nursing Program: Evaluation of Implantation. Peer-reviewed abstract published in the proceedings of the Australasian Nurse Educators Conference, Christchurch.

Collins,E. (2017) Post ePortfolio implementation……Where to next? Oral pressntation at ePortfolio Forum, Melbourne, Sept 2017. Sponsored to attend this by Cengage Learning.

Collins, E. (2017) Curriculum Mapping of Child Health across the Bachelor of Nursing. Scope Contemporary Research Topics, Learning and Teaching, 3, Powerful Assessment, epub ahead of print www.thescopes.org, available December 2017.

Collins,E., Anderson,L., Blakey,A., Smith-Han,K., Wilkinson,T., Berryman,L. (2017) Creating a Positive Learning Environment - the CAPLE project. Oral presentation at the Australian Association of Research in Education Conference, Canberra, 2017.

Collins,E (2017) Editorial. School of Nursing Journal, Vol 3 (2).

Ditzel,L., & Collins, E. (2018) Using augmented reality in nursing education: The hologram in the classroom. Higher Education Development Centre (HEDC) 2018 Symposium, Celebrating Higher Education, University of Otago, Dunedin, November 14, 2018. ISBN: 978-0-473-48556-6

Collins, E. (2018) Sustainable Nursing Practice- How Nursing Can Assist with the Obesity Epidemic. Scope Contemporary Research Topics (Learning and Teaching), 6, 2018

Collins, E., Crawley,J. (2013) ePortfolios: Whats happening in undergraduate nursing education http://www.nursed.ac.nz/abstractdisplay.asp

Collins, E., Britnell, S., Honey, M. (2017) Embedding Nursing Informatics in the Curriculum to Connect Nursing to Digital Health. Peer-reviewed abstract published in the proceedings of the Health and Nursing Informatics New Zealand Conference, Rotorua, 2017.

Collins, E., Britnell, S., Ditzel, L., & Honey, M. (2017) Using Curriculum Mapping to Develop Undergraduate Nursing Informatics: A New Zealand Study International Journal of Innovative Research in Medical Science, Vol. 2(11), pp. 1550-1556.

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