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Research from Gill, Lesley


Lesley Gill



Lesley is an Asspciate Professor in the School of Business, with a training emphasis on Leadership, Human Resource Development, and Organisational Behaviour, as well as providing supervision for Internship projects. Lesley also supports Otago Polytechnic staff through Resilience workshops.The focus of Lesley's research is emotional intelligence, which predominantly spans resilience, self-awareness and empathy training design, built upon a successful portfolio of national and international publications and conferences. Emotional intelligence is a key set of abilities that helps people manage change and interpersonal relationships in their life.

Research Outputs

Journal Article

Gill, L, J., & Ramsey, P, L. (2012) Shedding light on trust. Asia Pacific Management and Business Application, 1(2), pp. 117-128. http://apmba.ub.ac.id/index.php/apmba/article/view/107

Gill, L.J. (2012) Systemic action research for ethics students: Curbing unethical business behaviour by addressing core values in next-generation corporates. Systemic Practice and Action Research, Vol 25 (5), pp 371-391. DOI10.1007/s11213-012-9228-x.

Gill, L.J. (2011) An emotionally intelligent approach to developing resilience: The role and responsibility of the HR practitioner. New Zealand Journal of Human Resource Management (NZJHRM), 11(1) pp. 28-39.

Gill, L. & McConnell, C.M. (2010) Practical interventions that address the challenges of cross-generational training. NZ Journal of Human Resources Management (NZJHRM), Vol 10 (2). pp. 116-125.

Gill, L., Phillips, V., & Farnsworth, J. (2006) Satisfaction Experiences with Tenancy Mediation: Why is it so successful? Systemic Practice and Action Research. Springer Link, Netherlands. Vol 19, Iss 4, August. pp. 325 - 335.

Conference Contribution - Published Paper

Gill, L., McConnell, C.M., Atkins, S. (2011) ProjectMe: A framework for authentic learning and self-development. http://www.conferpapers.co.nz/nzabe/Monday/Wairau_Room/M1430-Gill.pdf

Gill, L.J. (2010) Developing mental toughness and resilience through emotional intelligence: Essential attributes in challenging times. New Zealand Applied Business Education Conference, September 27-28, Napier. 18. http://www.nzabe.ac.nz/proceedings-2010.

Conference Contribution - Other

Gill, L. (2009) Exploring the Work-Ordered Day and Supported Employment SF Conference, Dunedin. September 12 - 13.

Gill, L. (2009) Where are we on the Pathway to Inclusion? - Supported Employment in Action SF Conference. 12 - 13 September.

Gill, L. and Lion, K. (2007) Leisure accommodation preferences in Dunedin: Choices of free independent travellers (FITs). Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management. December 4 – 7.

Oral Presentation

Gill, L. (2008) Bringing out the best in students using Strengths-Based Learning Spotlight on Tertiary Teaching and Learning: Colloquium for the Southern Region, Otago University. November 19-20

Edited Book/Special Edition

Gill, L & Pio, E. (2007) Organisations and Management Pearson Education, Auckland ISBN 1877 371 408 2007 297 pages

Chapter in Book

Gill, L. & Pio, E. (2007) Management Practice: Managing for Results. Management and Organisation. Pearson Education: Auckland. p.175 – 188.

Gill, L. & Pio, E. (2007) Organisational Culture. Management and Organisation. Pearson Education: Auckland. p. 33 – 47.

Gill, L. & Pio, E. (2007) The Process of Management. Management and Organisation. Pearson Education: Auckland. p. 1 – 14.

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