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Research from Gillespie, David

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David Gillespie


David trained to be a professional chef back in the 80's. He believes that if you are interested in pursuing this industry, you need to be very enthusiastic. When he began his career, ‘nouvelle cuisine' did not exist, and now there are even more exciting culinary changes on the horizon. David enjoys being part of a constantly evolving industry, and helping his students graduate to bigger and better things.

Research Outputs

Conference Contribution - Other

Humphreys, C., & Gillespie, D. (2018) Guiding culinary students to find their place. Symposium of Australian Gastronomy, 5 November 2018.

Mitchell, R. Woodhouse, A. and Gillespie, D. (2013) Using Foraging to Uncover New Food and Emergent Food Cultures "Foodscapes: Access to Food – Excess of Food Book of Abstracts" Department of Geography and Regional Science, University of Graz 22-25 September 2013, Castle Seggau, Austria. pp.28 http://foodscapesgraz.files.wordpress.com/2013/09/abstract-booklet.pdf

Creative Work

Woodhouse,A. Parsons,H. Gilespie,D. (2014) "Educator" the craft beer story. TBC

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