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Research from McCaw, Caroline

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Caroline McCaw



Caro is Academic Leader for Communication and teaches across a range of courses including Interaction Design and Studio Projects. She supervises Masters and Doctoral students. She is involved in a wide range of creative, local community and regional development projects often working with collaborative student-staff teams, and local community groups, including museums. Caro was a Fulbright Scholar-in-Residence at SUNY Canton, in Upstate New York 2016-17 and is a winner of the AKO Aotearoa Sustained Excellence in Tertiary Teaching Award (2014). Caro is Co-ordinator of DESIS Otago, a member of the international DESIS Network.

Art and design disciplines are often considered primarily useful for communicating concepts and ideas through sophisticated visual means. To this mix Caro adds social engagement strategies including user-focused design methods, and participatory and digital art practices to encourage new perspectives & behaviour change. Her research outcomes are varied – from museum practices, public experience design, to community change-making projects. She regularly collaborates and is developing a community of practice at OP around ‘project-based learning with communities’. In her international practice she draws upon New Zealand as a useful place to rethink theoretical strategies that contribute to identifying a contemporary experience of the local, timely in our post-COVID situation.

Research Outputs

Creative Work

McCaw, C. and Smith, V. (2020) Sounding & Sounding Walks. 'Agents for Change: Facing the Anthropocene' exhibition, Curators Nina Czegledy and Jane Tinguely THEMUSEUM, Kitchener Ontario Canada.

Barton, M., Malthus J, McCaw, C, Glen, L. (2015) A Darker Eden: Fashion from Dunedin. Silo Six, Jellicoe St, Auckland. 17 February - 1 March. Exhibition created under the auspices of the New Zealand Fashion Museum. http://www.nzfashionmuseum.org.nz/a-darker-eden/

Journal Article

McCaw, C. and Smith, V. (2019) Sounding Walks – evoking empathy through social, sound and walking practices. Performance of the Real ejournal.


publication pending

Conference Contribution - Published Paper

McCaw, C. (2018) Let's do it! Learning through doing: Different approaches to learner capabilities Global Forum Entrepreneurship & Innovation, 24 May 2018.

McCaw, C. & Mahoney, K. (2017) Here I am: Doing Culture together. A collaborative exhibition project that considers cultural ideas from New Zealand Cumulus Kolding 2017, Denmark, May 30 -June 2

McCaw, C. and Henderson, L. (2015) Making a Splash: Expanding Students' Learning Experiences Through Studio Projects. Ma, Jin, Davide Fassi, and Yongqi Lou, eds, Emerging Practices: Inquiry into the Developing. Shanghai: Tongji University Press, 2015. ISBN: 978-7-5608-6031-2.

McCaw, C. (2015) Representing Landscapes: Understanding the role of art and design in mediating a culture of seeing New Zealand landscapes. Cumulus Milan 3-7 June 2015. abstract published in Cllina, Galluzzo and Meroni (eds.), 'The Virtuous Circle: cumulus conference, June 3-7 Milan', McGraw-Hill Education (Italy), p.61. ISBN 9788838674853

Malthus, J., McCaw, C., Glen, L., & Barton, M. (2015) Interplay and Inter-place: A collaborative exhibition addressing place-based identity in fashion design. Popovic, V., Blackler, A., Luh, D-B., Nimkulrat, N., Kraal, B. and Nagai, Y., eds, IASDR 2015 Interplay Proceedings. pp 1396-1414, ISBN -978-0-646-94318-3. Delivered at Interplay 2015, the International Association of Societies of Design Research 2015 Congress, 2-5 November, Brisbane, Australia.

McCaw, C, Oliver, M. Glen, L (2014) Restaging a garden party: sharing social histories through the design of digital and material interactive experiences NODEM Network of Design and Digital Heritage Conference, to be held in December 2014 Warsaw, Poland.Nodem.org

Conference Contribution - Other

McCaw, C., Keaney,P., & Bull, R. (2018) Let's do it! Learning through doing: Different approaches to learner capabilities. Global Forum Entrepreneurship and Innovation, Humber College, Canada, May 24.

McCaw, C. & Mahoney, K. (2017) Here I Am: A Collaborative Exhibition Between Technology And Art History Students Exploring Culture And Identity. AIGA Design Educators Converge, Long Paper Session: On Collaboration June 3. Los Angeles June 1-3 2017.

Thesis – Masters/Doctoral

McCaw, C. (2016) Identifying the value of the local through site-specific contemporary art projects in New Zealand. Doctoral thesis, awarded by Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Australia.

Oral Presentation

McCaw C. (2016) Social Landscapes. Simbiosis, Hidalgo, Pachuca, Mexico, November 8 http://www.simbiosis.mx/

McCaw C. And Ortiz-Pulido R., (2016) ‘Landscapes and social exchange’ a participatory workshop socializing El Chico’s Hummingbird-Plant Mutualism, a collaborative art-science project. Simbiosis, Hidalgo, Pachuca, Mexico, November 10-11

Butler, S., Diekman, K., McCaw, C., Okano, H. and Schuelke, B. (2016) Working Together: exploring strategies and effective collaborative practices Diálogo colectivo de Nina Czegledy con Eduardo Andión, Simbiosis, Hidalgo, Pachuca, Mexico, November 8, 17:15 - 19:30 http://www.simbiosis.mx/

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