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Research from Parker, George


George Parker


George is a Lecturer in the Postgraduate Programme in the School of Midwifery. A registered midwife, George practiced as a Lead Maternity Carer and core midwife in Porirua and Wellington in the early and mid 2000s. For the past decade George has worked in women's health policy, research, and health promotion and is passionate about the value of critical perspectives in shaping women's health knowledges and practices.

George has a Bachelor of Midwifery from Ara Institute of Canterbury, a Postgraduate Diploma of Arts (Women's Studies), and a Master of Philosophy (Women's Studies) from Massey University. George also recently completed a PhD in Health Sociology at the University of Auckland, where they also teach part-time in the medical humanities programme. George is regularly engaged as a consultant on issues related to reproductive health care and rights and has has published a range of journal articles and book chapters in edited volumes.

George specialises in critical qualitative, poststructural, feminist and intersectional research approaches and their research interests include maternal health promotion, critiques of medicalisation, critical perspectives on weight and maternal health, gender and sexuality diversity in maternity care, midwifery epistemologies, and reproductive rights and justice.

George is currently supervising five Master of Midwifery students as primary and secondary supervisor on topics including postnatal care, contraception in the Pacific, and midwifery ways of knowing in relation to fetal growth assessment.

Research Outputs

Journal Article

Parker,G., & Pause,C. (2019) Productive but not constructive: The work of shame in the affective governance of fat Pregnancy. Feminism & Psychology 2019, Vol. 29(2) 250–268 DOI: 10.1177/0959353519834053

Parker,G., & Pause,C. (2018) Pregnant with possibility: Negotiating fat maternal subjectivity in the “War on Obesity”. Journal Fat Studies, An Interdisciplinary Journal of Body Weight and Society Volume 7, 2018 - Issue 2: Fatness and Temporality

Parker,G., & Pause,C. (2018) “I'm Just a Woman Having a Baby”: Negotiating and Resisting the Problematization of Pregnancy Fatness. Frontiers in Sociology, 3, 5.

Chapter in Book

Parker, G., Pausé, C., & Le Grice, J. (2019) “You’re Just Another Friggin’ Number to Add to the Problem”: Constructing the Racialized (M)other in Contemporary Discourses of Pregnancy Fatness. In Thickening Fat Fat Bodies, Intersectionality, and Social Justice, Edited by May Friedman, Carla Rice, Jen Rinaldi, Routledge Taylor & Francis. ISBN: 9781138580022.


Parker, G. Pausé, C. (2018) ‘The elephant in the room’: Naming fat phobia in maternity care. Heavy Burdens: Stories of Motherhood and Fatness. ISBN: 978-1-77258-174-4

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