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Research from Ross, Jean

Jean Ross 2

Jean Ross



Jean is a Principal Lecturer and has been working at Otago Polytechnic since 2003. She is a Registered Nurse, holds a BN and a Master of Arts, and completed her Doctorate in 2017.

From 1994-2003, she was co-director of the National Centre for Rural Health and instrumental in the development of interdisciplinary postgraduate nursing education. In 2008, she received the Rural General Practice Network Peter Snow Memorial Award in recognition of her national contribution to rural health care.

Research Outputs

Conference Contribution - Other

Ross, J., & Crawley, J. (2018) Appreciating rural nurses’ contribution to the delivery of health care through narrative inquiry and photo images: A study situated in New Zealand. 2018 International Rural Nursing Conference: Advancing Rural Health through our REACH: Research, Empowerment, Academics, Clinical Practice and Health Promotion July 23-26, 2018 | Nashville Airport Marriott | Nashville, Tennessee.

Ross, J. & Mahoney, L. (2017) Educational experiences of student nurses ability to reduce health disparities. Poster presented at the New Zealand Rural General Practice Network Conference March 2017 in Wellington.

Ross, J. (2016) Nurses/multidisciplinary training session. Rural Nursing National Workshop at the National Rural Health Conference 31 March - 3 April, Dunedin. http://www.nurse.org.nz/daily-news,listing,957,national-rural-health-conference-2016.html Developed, lead and facilitated this national workshop/forum. Generated research funding to support this forum in which we launched the three year research rural nurse storytelling project.

Oral Presentation

Ross, J. (2017) Rural Health, Education and Research – Building Capacity Together. Oral presentation at the School of Midwifery Research Seminar.

Journal Article

Ross, J. (2017) Editorial: Uniqueness of place as defined by its interactions. Scope Contemporary Research Topics, Health & Wellbeing, 2 Place ISSN (hardcopy) 2537-8872: ISSN (online) 2537-8880

Ross, J. (2017) 'Place' is more than a physical location: A broader engagement of 'place' to further understand nursing practice. Scope: Contemporary Research Topics, Health & Wellbeing 2, Place. ISSN (hardcopy) 2537-8872: ISSN (online) 2537-8880.

Ross, J. (2017) Place-based rural primary health care nursing practice: A study set in rural Otago, New Zealand. Scope Contemporary Research Topics, Health & Wellbeing, 2 Place, ISSN (hardcopy) 2537-8872: ISSN (online) 2537-8880 www.thescopes.org

Ross, J. (2017) Case Study: From Practice to Evidence and Evidence to Practice: Bachelor of Nursing Year 3. Scope Contemporary Research Topics, Learning and Teaching, 3, Powerful Assessment, December. www.thescopes.org

Ross, J. (2017) Editorial: Contemporary health care concerning student nurses. School of Nursing Online Journal Vol 3 (1)

Crawley, J. & Ross, J. (2017) A place for simulation in primary health nursing education: What does it look like? Scope Health & Wellbeing place 2 ISSN (hardcopy) 2537-8872: ISSN (online) 2537-8880 www.thescopes.org

Ross, J. (2016) Editorial. School of Nursing Online Journal. Vol 2 (1) 2016.


Ross, J. (2017) A study to reveal student nurses' perceptions of clinical rural placements. New Zealand Rural General Practice Network Newsletter.

Conference Contribution - Published Paper

Ross, J., Crawley, J., Thompson, R. & Ditzel, L. (2017) Sharing stories of nursing: How has rural nurses' practice evolved? Co-authored paper presented by Josie Crawley and Raeleen Thompson at the Technology, Transformation Australian Nurse Educators Conference (ANEC), 28-30 September, St Margaret’s College, Christchurch, NZ.


3rd Year students (2016) Sustainability in Palmerston (August)

Students 3rd year (2016) Sustainability in Lawrence (March)

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