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Researcher profile for Kim Thomas

Research Outputs

Kim Thomas


Services to Industry & Education:
2019 - Commendation for Excellence in Implementation of Maori Strategic Framework
2017 - Staff Excellence Award in Sustainability
2016 - Nomination for National Tertiary Teaching Excellence Awards (TTEA),
2015 - Acknowledgement of fifteen years service at Otago Polytechnic
2014 - Wikieducator User Page Expo Award
2014 - Sustainability Steering Group
2013-present:Supervisor of team for the maintenance of the Living Campus
2012-present Fire In Ice Outrigger Canoe Club-Executive Committee
2011 - Otago Polytechnic Award for Inspiring Leadership for 2010 awarded Feb. 2011.
2011-present:Lecturer Foundation Studies in Trades,Otago Polytechnic
2010 - :Acknowledgement of ten years service at Otago Polytechnic
2009-2017:Health and Safety Adviser for ABE/now ECL,Otago Polytechnic,Dunedin
2008-present:Teaching and Research Assistant Department of Natural Resources, Otago Polytechnic, Dunedin
2008 - Orokonui Education Stakeholders Advisory Committee
2007-present:Lecturer,Occupational Therapy,Otago Polytechnic,Dunedin
2004 - 2017 Co-coordinater of Hort Talks with Dunedin Botanic Gardens
2003 – present: Health & Safety Representative, School of Natural Resources
2003 – 2018 Horticulture PEAC committee member
2001 – 2010: Committee Member, Friends of the Dunedin Botanic Gardens
2000 – present: Harassment Prevention Contact, School of Natural Resources
2000-present:Lecturer Natural Resources,Otago Polytechnic

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