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Research from Woodhouse, Adrian


Adrian Woodhouse


Adrian's professional background is a blend of contemporary food design and artisan food production. He describes his teaching ambition as "to inspire, motivate and teach students" and to "light the fire in their minds". He creates a learning environment that embraces the diversity of his students, giving them all have the opportunity to contribute and participate in the learning process. Adrian uses collaborative learning strategies to bring innovative approaches to his teaching.

Research Outputs

Conference Contribution - Other

Mitchel, R., & Woodhouse, A. (2018) An Uncomfortable Place. Symposium of Australian Gastronomy, 5 November 2018.

Woodhouse, A. (2012) Critical Reflection as a means of Radical Innovation in Curriculum Design. Keynote Speech, Eastern Institute of Technology Staff Symposium “Purse Excellence ,Think Smarter” 15th July 2012.

Woodhouse, A. (2012) Assessment Strategies for Transforming from a “Yes Chef” to a “Why Chef?” Learning Environment. Ako Aotearoa Symposium, Success is..., 7th December, Wellington, New Zealand.

Heptinstall, T., Woodhouse, A., Mitchell, R. and Camp, J. (2011) Exploration, Experimentation and Experience: Multiple drivers for the future of culinary education. Australasian Regional Food Cultures and Networks Food Conference. Salt Beach, Australia. 28th November – December 1 2011.

Barton, M., Hanton, L., McAndrew, I., Woodhouse, A. (2008) Engaging students in Learning, Spotlight on Tertiary Teaching and Learning, Otago University, Dunedin. 1 hour presentation.

Creative Work

Mitchell, R., Woodhouse, A., Lane, M., Lynch, T., Baldwin, P., Feary-Law, J., Pfyl, D, Gillespie, D., and Schulz, W. (2015) White Night vs Black Forest: Remuera White Night. Remuera White Night, Auckland Arts Festival, Remuera 14 March 2015.

Journal Article

Woodhouse, A. (2011) Kai Tahutaka, Scope: Contemporary Research Topics, Kaupapa Kai Tahu 1, November,60-62.

Alterio, M. & Woodhouse, A., (2009) Using mobile learning technologies to support assessment practices, Scope, contemporary research topics: Learning and Teaching 2. November. 60 - 69


Woodhouse, A. (2010) Pumpkin recipies: Pumpkin and fresh herb fritters and Middle Eastern pumpkin dip. Otago Polytechnic, Brochure for the Otago Farmers Market, distributed on 31 July.


Alterio. M. G & Woodhouse, A. (2010) Creating Digital Stories to Enhance Vocational Learning, Ako Aotearoa,

Woodhouse, A. (2010) Bachelor of Culinary Arts Observational research trip the United Kingdom and Hawaii, Report for Otago Polytechnic.

Oral Presentation

Woodhouse, A. (2010) Assessing in a Commercial Environment, Otago Polytechnic Staff Development Day. 1 hour presentation.

Alterio, M., Barton, M., Woodhouse, A. (2009) Effective use of teams, Otago Polytechnic, 45 minute presentation.

Woodhouse, A. (2009) Innovations in Assessment, Otago Polytechnic, 1 hour presentation.

Authored Book

Woodhouse, A & Ellwood, S. (2009) Healthy food cookery book, Forbury School, Dunedin. June.

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