Otago Polytechnic

Postgraduate studies

We offer a varied and growing suite of research-based postgraduate programmes. 

Why do postgraduate study

Postgraduate study allows you to deepen your knowledge in your chosen field. You will generate original knowledge and understand how it fits within the existing body of knowledge and your community of practice.

What to expect at Otago Polytechnic

Before enrolment

Once you have an idea of which programme you are interested in, please make contact with the relevant school. A discussion with the school’s Postgraduate Coordinator will help you identify:

  • the best programme for you;
  • options including distance learning and part-time study;
  • who might be the best supervisor/s for your research; and
  • what to include in your application.

In some study areas applicants may be invited to an interview discussion. We recognise that the relationship between you and your supervisor/s is critical to your success so this discussion interview is aimed at finding the best supervisor/s for your project and aims.

How your supervisor/s will support you

You will meet with your supervisor/s on a regular basis. They will guide you through planning and advancing your research, and provide you with support as you work through issues that arise in your research.

Where relevant your supervisor/s will also help you prepare to defend your work in person to examiners. You will also have opportunities to orally present your own research to a relevant audience, and to write one or more articles for publication from your project.

Postgraduate study areas

Check out the various postgraduate programmes available in the study areas that interest you, then contact the relevant school to discuss options including distance learning, part-time study, and potential supervisors. 



transformation = thinking critically = working constructively