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Managing postgraduate study

Costs of postgraduate study

Fees are set annually and vary from programme to programme. The government’s Fees Free scheme, introduced in 2018 for New Zealand citizens and residents, is not available for postgraduate study (except in the rare situation of students whose Capable NZ postgraduate degree may be their first year of tertiary education).

International students, whether studying in New Zealand on a student visa or studying at a distance from overseas, have to pay higher fees because there is no government funding to contribute to our costs of providing the programme to you.

In addition to the fees for your programme, there will be other costs associated with your study – for example textbooks, printing and photocopying, and materials – which also vary from programme to programme. You are responsible for your own living costs during your study.

Funding options for postgraduate study

Employer support: For many postgraduate students their course of study will be directly related to their line of work. Your employer may be willing to contribute to the costs of your study as part of your professional development.

Study Link: Of our postgraduate study options only the Honours year in our Bachelor programmes is eligible for financial support through the government’s Study Link scheme, however New Zealand students may be eligible for a student loan. Read more about loans and allowances here.

Scholarships: You may also wish to apply for a scholarship to help fund your postgraduate study. We have scholarships available for postgraduate study in Art, for women, for Māori students, and for students who play specific sports. International students, or students with a family heritage from another country, should contact their country's embassy to enquire about scholarships.

Payment by instalments: You may be able to pay your fees by instalments, one course at a time.

Distance learning: If you do not live near the campus offering the postgraduate programme you would like to study, distance learning may be an option that would help you avoid the costs of relocation. Postgraduate study requires a higher level of self-directed learning, especially if you are doing a research thesis in one of our Masters programmes, much of which you can undertake at home.

Part time study: We understand that especially at postgraduate level our students are juggling multiple commitments, such as paid employment or self-employment, family responsibilities, sports team membership, and community service. Part time study is an option for most of our postgraduate programmes, which would enable you to keep working.

For more information, please talk to the coordinator for the programme you are interested in pursuing.