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Midwifery research submissions

Our Master of Midwifery students undertake independent research that is practice focused and relevant. Online learning options enable them to study from home while practising as a midwife, and are tailored to meet their individual needs. They focus on aspects of midwifery practice and critically analyse their own midwifery experiences as a means to add depth to the profession's knowledge base.

Master of Midwifery theses

Weaving the Mat: Enablers for Pasifika Midwifery Students

Jackson, Talei 2021-03-16

Understanding Health Workers’ Views on Addressing the Unmet Need for Family Planning in Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands

Kress, Sahra


The Effective Representation of Midwifery Care in Documentation: A Delphi Study

Kerkin, Bridget


Midwives’ Facilitation of Physiological Placental Birth: A Delphi Study

Beatson, Deb


In Good Hands: Lead Maternity Career Midwives & Fetal Growth Assessment in Aotearoa New Zealand

Morris, Sheryl


Timing of cord clamping (TOCC): an observational study of cord clamping practice in a New Zealand maternity hospital

Hewitt, Tina


How do midwives and obstetricians communicate at the primary/secondary interface?

Cassie, Rachel


Gaining from Giving: The Benefits for Midwives of Working with Student Midwives

Bilous, Emma


Should I stay or should I go? Case-loading midwives’ perceptions of transfer of midwifery care for epidural 

Carpenter, Bronwyn


What do we know about sibling attended birth? A systematic literature review

Naber, Nora Li


Suturing versus non-suturing of spontaneous perineal tears following normal birth: Factors that influence the practice of New Zealand/Aotearoa midwives

Gray, Elaine


Predictors and documented reasons for formula supplementation of breastfed babies in a New Zealand, 'Baby-Friendly' hospital

Kalmakoff, Stefanie


Keeping the Love Alive: Factors Contributing to Increased Satisfaction for New Zealand Case Loading Midwives

Koontz, Megan


Maintaining wa (harmony): Japanese women negotiating their birth experiences in New Zealand

Doering, Keiko


Antenatal colostrum harvesting for pregnant women with diabetes in preparation for breastfeeding

Rietveld, Catherine


Wanting the Best for Newborns: Umbilical Cord Clamping Practices of Midwives in Aotearoa/New Zealand

Richards, Julie


Wise women's web: Rural midwives' communities of practice. A qualitative descriptive study

McIntosh, Carolyn